What To Do With Nick Foles?


Eagles Championship Parade Photo Credit: Megan Conroy

Anthony DiRenzo

After such an unexpected turn of events, our Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. Coach Doug Pederson and Executive Vice President of Eagles’ football operations Howie Roseman could not have done a better job this past offseason, many of the acquisitions helped us tremendously on top of having a few contracts in favor of the team with pivotal decisions now at hand.
However, one particular player under contract is all the buzz after winning Super Bowl MVP. Nick Foles is the talk of the football world right now and everyone wants to know what the championship QB is going to do. Looking back at this past year, it is amazing to think he lead this team to beat the most notorious dynasty in NFL history. Nick Foles was nothing less than composed and smart while going shot for shot in the big game against Tom Brady, and on top of that caught a touchdown pass, the first to do this in NFL history.
Now the real question should be, what should Nick Foles want to do… Think about it, the guy just brought us home the first Super Bowl in franchise history. He didn’t do it alone, but he proved himself, and showed how much he invested himself into this team as well. It appears that Nick Foles is more than happy here, and his dreams have come true. The Eagles still have a role for Nick when Carson Wentz is injured, and he may need to start a few games next year if Wentz is not ready in time. I think all Eagles fans would agree when we say we cannot stress enough how much this championship means to us, and it is partly because of him. We should not turn our back on him and ship him off for the best offer, unless 1. He wants to start, and 2. We cannot offer him the money he desires. Foles does not come off as the guy to chase money, but you never know. All I know is before signing here last season he was contemplating retirement, and now he is a Super Bowl champion and MVP. He really seems to love Philadelphia, and understands the city after this run, and even those prior when he first started here.
Some Bucks students felt similarly, Mason Sullivan, 19, a business major said “I really think he’s found a home in Philadelphia. Nobody looked at him as a backup before this season and he proved he can do that and more this season, 110 percent. I also think we will need him more than other teams next season with the pace of Wentz injury recovery.” Nick Cass, 19, undecided said “The Eagles should keep Nick after the performance he showed the world in not only the Super Bowl, but each game he played when Wentz went down. I’d feel incomplete without him as an Eagle this year.” Most of our student feedback was positive, as you would expect with lifelong fans of the team finally winning it all. Although some students were conflicted, like Connor Palush, 19, a business major, said “The Eagles should either hold on to him if he feels comfortable being the backup quarterback next season and if he is upset when Wentz takes back the starting job they need to find a buyer for him.” Joe Roatche, 20, communications major said, “Unless Howie is blown away by a deal he needs to keep Foles as the backup. Nowhere else will you get a proven backup with a low cap hit.” As you can see most of the students were on the same page. Football analysts everywhere have ideas on what they think will happen, but I think most of us in the city of brotherly love would want nothing more than to keep him at least one more season.