What’s Up With Snapchat?

Shaun Grace

Whether you love it or hate it, the new Snapchat update has certainly gotten many people talking. What seemed like just another harmless upgrade, turned the popular social media app into a math problem not even Einstein could figure out.
Snapchat’s key feature in previous years was its accessibility. An easy to use app that provides instant communication to 300 of your closest friends is something everyone loves.
The new update however causes the “Story Viewing” feature to be practically nonexistent. This mixed along with the frequent rearranging of your most recent contacts, causes much confusion and frustration among users. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been on fire about the topic, with millions of angry users tweeting away their disbelief and frustration with how Snapchat could have done something like this to them.
Students at Bucks had absolutely no issue expressing their outrage with the new update. Ewin Lukomski, 20, a communications major at Bucks stated “The update is trash. But not like a trashcan in your home, more like one in an industrial waste center.”
The outrage did not stop there. Music Performance major Jeremy Greitzer, 20, expressed his concern with the new update as well. Greitzer said how Snapchat really needs to go back to the old model, describing the new update as “too weird,”
With all this commotion surrounding the new and “improved” Snapchat, not every student is up in arms over it. There are some people (believe it or not) who are not invested in the latest social media trends. Michaelia Carrol, 34, a communications major stated “I’m just not a social media person, so it does not really affect me.” When asked on why she does not have snapchat downloaded Carrol responded, “it’s just one less thing for me to be addicted to.”
This past week, Snapchat has released yet another update fixing some of the most complained about issues. The story viewing option has been resolved to a degree but people’s friend list seems to be out of order still. Although this is a step in the right direction, will Snapchat be able to move past this? Social media sites come and go. There was once a time where Myspace ruled the internet, it makes you wonder if Snapchat could have run its course.
At the end of the day, it’s literally just an app. Spring is coming so go outside and enjoy the real world around you. Yes, everyone is invested in technology (myself included). But the more you separate yourself from it then the more you can begin to enjoy life more.