A Sit-Down with Republican Candidate Brian Fitzpatrick


Jennifer Abele

Brian Fitzpatrick is the Republican incumbent running in the House Race against Democrat Scott Wallace to represent Pennsylvania’s eighth district this election on Nov. 6.
Congressman Fitzpatrick has lived in Bucks County for nearly 40 years. He is a certified EMT and was even an Eagle Scout. Congressman Fitzpatrick is a former FBI Agent who worked on counterterrorism efforts including the Iraq conflict during the War on Terror. Fitzpatrick also worked as a Special Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting drug and gun offenders.
Brian Fitzpatrick’s main platform is the importance of term limits. Fitzpatrick thinks that it is important that new congressmen and senators are elected to provide new ideas.
Congressman Fitzpatrick’s agenda consists of term limits and adding steps to anti-corruption laws. A key part of this agenda is to create more urgency for a budget to be passed, including withholding pay for congress until a budget is passed. He also wants to remove the “pensions for life”, and all laws passed by Congress are to be applied by its members.
Fitzpatrick has also added the entrance of third independents and non-affiliated voters into Congress on his agenda. He believes they will be key in the solution for issues brought about by gerrymandering: he feels that independents and non-partisan citizens commissions should be tasked to redistrict instead.
This agenda speaks to the Congressmen’s feelings on the importance of centrist ideology and bipartisanship. “We have to end this Hatfield-and-McCoy brand of politics where the pendulum keeps rapidly swinging one way and another every 4 years in midterms,” he stated. “At some point, the pendulum has to stop in the middle. As long as we keep allowing emotion to guide our decisions rather than facts,logic, and thoughtfulness, then the Hatfield-and-Mccoy brand is going to perpetuate.”
“I love the Problem Solvers Caucus that I’m on, the ‘no labels’ group,” Congressman Fitzpatrick stated. “We’re a bipartisan group we come from all walks of life, different thought processes, and it’s an amazing organization.”
Congressman Fitzpatrick has also voted on The Right to Try Act and The Interdict Act, noting that these are the most rewarding pieces of legislation that he has voted yes to. “The Right to Try was a big lift for me,” Fitzpatrick noted. “It’s helping people with terminal illnesses get access to experimental medication to try to save their lives.”
“The Interdict Act, which deals with the opioid crisis, will significantly cut down the flow of synthetic opioids coming in from the contributor which is causing a lot of [overdose] deaths since the pill is laced with fentanyl,” he explained. “A lot of it is manufactured from China, and it’s coming in from ports of entry…Continued on Page 6