Instagram Possibly Removing Likes for Users


Joey Lomorticello, Centurion Staff

Popular social media app, Instagram, is now testing a new and updated version of that app that will be eliminating followers from seeing the amount of likes someone receives on a photo.
Instagram was released in 2010 and was used as a platform to share photography, and meet new people. Over the years, the concept of Instagram has evolved. The app has transformed into a platform where people post for likes, and not for themselves.

In the new versions, Instagram is testing, the owner of the account will still be able to see how many likes they get, but likes will not be available for to the public.
Anyone who has an account on the platform knows the pressures and anxieties that can come when posting photos.

Bucks student, Hope Garges, 17, of Perkasie said, “A lot of pressure can come from posting photos on Instagram. When you’re choosing a photo you feel pressure because of people who follow you and comments they may make about the photo. When you post the actual picture, you cannot help but feel like people will notice the little things such as, wearing the same outfit again or using the same caption. Posting should not be a big deal, but unfortunately, it is.”

Since Instagram has been released in 2010, studies have been done on the app and on the effects, it can have on the mental health on its users.
A study published in 2017 by Royal Society for Public Health, a charity in the U.K., said that, “Instagram is the most mentally harmful app out of all other social media platforms.”

Due to studies like these, Instagram is finally taking action to restore the app back to its original purpose. Instagram is already in the process of testing out the new update and, has released it in seven countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. After releasing this update Instagram tweeted, that they’re, “looking forward to learning more about how this change might benefit everyone’s experience on Instagram.”

People in these countries were outraged about the update and wanted their followers to be able to see their amount of likes. Instagram is hoping that as they continue to work on the new update, people will become more accepting of the new version.

Bucks student, Rebecca Murgia, 19, of Perkasie, said, “I think it’s a good idea to eliminate likes. I think some people get way too into the pressure of posting on Instagram. They will literally delete a picture if it doesn’t get enough likes or even get upset if they don’t get enough comments. I think people can sometimes take Instagram too seriously. Some people don’t care about how many likes or comments they get, but I think it is a good idea to get rid of the likes because then it can ensure that no one will become insecure about posting a picture.”

Another Bucks student, Justin Mitchell, 19, of Doylestown, said, “I have had my Instagram for five years and I only have six posts. Personally, I am not effected by Instagram taking away likes. I use it as a way to stay updated with things, whereas other people use it daily for other things.”

While taking away likes could be a good for the mental health, it could hurt the careers of influencers and entrepreneurs who use the Instagram to promote their businesses.
Entrepreneurs use the app as a way to connect with potential clients and use likes as a way of knowing if a company or person is worth working with. Most people use social media daily, and businesses and companies know this. They use their platforms as a way to connect with potential clients and promote their product or service. Instagram is the largest social media platform, so if likes are taken away it could be detrimental to the careers of Entrepreneurs who use the app as their main vessel to connect with people.

The updated version of Instagram has not made its way to the United States, and an official release date has not been set. The future of social media will be largely influenced by this update and could change the way people view social media