Bernie Sanders Has a Heart Attack

Hunter Sleppy, Centurion Staff

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was hospitalized due to a blocked artery in his heart, causing the 78-year-old to have a heart attack and cancel all appearances and events until further notice.
Sanders was at an event in Las Vegas, campaigning to become the democratic candidate to go toe to toe with Donald Trump in the 2020 election. During the event, Sanders had complained about pains in his chest and went to seek further medical attention.
It was then revealed that Sanders had a blocked artery in his heart and had to get two stents inserted.
Sanders took to social media after the incident to push his political agenda.
“No one should fear going bankrupt,” he wrote to allude to the cost of Medicare.
Two days after his hospitalization Sanders’ campaign officially stated that he had a heart attack. Claims have since been made that Sander’s campaign attempted to conceal the fact that he had been hospitalized.
Sanders responded to the claims as being “nonsense.”
“I don’t know what people think campaigns are, you know we’re dealing with all kinds of doctors and we wanted to have a sense of what the hell was going on really,” Sanders said.
Since the incident, questions began to resurface whether or not he is suitable to run for office given his age. Sanders had suffered multiple health problems during his campaign.
Earlier in the year, Sanders was seen walking around his presidential campaign trail with a bandage on his head. He had suffered an accident in the shower that required six stitches. Sanders then assured that he was fine and ready to go for the long road ahead of the Democratic Nominee race.
Sanders’ determination to continue his campaign won’t necessarily convince others that his age and health will be a deterrent to him. However, he may have a better chance then most given his competition.
Among the 12 names listed in the next democratic debate, the biggest names on the list other than Sanders, are Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.
While the election is still about a year away, anything could happen between that gap that could change his situation.
He has since been released from the hospital and is taking it easy in light of his recent surgery.
The next democratic debate is set for Oct. 15 and many around the Sanders campaign are hopeful that Sanders can make a full
recovery by then.