All Bucks Campuses Are Deemed Vape Free

Ben Peterson, Centurion Staff

Despite efforts by Bucks Safety and Security team, many students are still unaware of the campus wide vaping ban, officially known as the Clean Air Community Policy.
The policy states that smoking and vaping are prohibited on Bucks campuses except for designated areas. Smoking has been prohibited on campus since 2008 and e-cigarettes were added to the ban in 2014.
According to Dennis McCauley, Executive Director of Security & Safety, “security personnel intervene when they observe someone vaping.”
Their intervention is typically light. McCauley added, “Personnel try to resolve the situation with a warning and instructions as to locations on campus where smoking is permitted.”
Security can also issue fines up to $25 if a student is found vaping in a non-designated smoking area. For repeat offenders, fines can reach up to $125 and include other disciplinary measures.
Student may be removed from campus as well.
Hala Ayyash, Bucks Student Government Treasurer, was one of the many students who didn’t know the policy was in place.
She wished that the no smoking policy was better publicized and enforced.
Ayyash admitted, “Some people like myself are allergic, I can’t breathe when somebody decides to vape.”
According to a survey done by, 46 percent of respondents had symptoms of an allergic reaction to vaping. Symptoms included coughing, sore or dry throat, headaches and chest tightness.
“I understand that it’s a personal choice, but don’t include me in it,” Ayyash said.
McCauley said that there are “regular social media messaging to remind students about the prohibition.” The policy is sent to students in all forms of media.
“It makes sense, and it’s fair because there are designated smoking areas,” said Henry Ruddell, cinema video major from Doylestown. “I really have no opinion on it because I smoke cigarettes, but I can see how it can be an issue for others,” Ruddell continued.
Drew Lukomski, health and physed major from Richboro, said that the policy was “reasonable and fair.”
“What’s the gain from vaping or smoking? There’s a lot of risk associated, and if I was doing it I would stop because of the danger,” Lukomski said.“If somebody accidentally puffs smoke into my face, it’s fine as long as it isn’t intentional.”
Smoking is prohibited on Newtown Campus in all areas except parking lots A, B, C, D, E, F, and H.
For the Upper Bucks and Lower Bucks campuses, the designated areas for smoking and vaping are in personal vehicles or parking lots.