NFL Stars Admit to Smoking Marijuana Before Games


Keith Allison

Jake Sullivan, Centurion Staff

Discussions involving the pros and cons of marijuana use have become commonplace across the country to the point that former NFL players admitted to their past use before of the drug before and during games.
On April 20, 2018, the website Bleacher Report released a video of four former NFL players openly discuss their use of marijuana during their careers as they casually smoked marijuana during the interview.
One of the players interviewed was former Kansas City Chief defensive lineman Shaun Smith.
“I smoked two blunts before every game. When I smoke, I can focus and actually do the job I have. I feel like nobody can stop me when I was out there. It’s the best thing for me,” he said.
Nate Dunlap, a former football player studying at Bucks shares Smith’s opinion. “NFL players should be allowed to use marijuana as a way to cope with the pains of the sport. It’s crazy these players put it all on the field, and not be able to rehabilitate using marijuana,” he said.
Retired Detroit Lion receiver Calvin Johnson said in another interview he used marijuana throughout his nine years with the team. “I smoked marijuana after every game. “It was a way to avoid the rampant opioid abuse going on,” he said. Johnson now owns his own cannabis company.
Johnson also said he suffered at least nine concussion during his time in the NFL and would smoke marijuana rather than taking prescribed opioids to help assist with the healing prosses.
“There’s not a game I played in that I wasn’t high,” said former Seattle Seahawks reciever Percy Harvin in a interview. He was diagnosed with anxiety disorder that had a negative affected on his career. “My anxiety is at its worse when I go into unfamiliar situations. Being traded to Seattle was one of the worst years of my life,” he said.
Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, who has admitted to using marijuana throughout his career, explained how players who use don’t get caught.
“Players are tested for “street drugs” between April 20, and Aug. 9. Once tested, they cannot be tested again for a year,” he informed Alvaro Fernadez da Ponte during an interview with SBNATION.
Marijuana is still on the NFL’s banned substance list, however, last May, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced, “The league will consider allowing Marijuana for pain therapy if established as valid by medical experts.” It’s still under review.