Slack’s Hoagie Shack Cafe Leaves Lower Bucks Campus


Lindsay Roth, Centurion Staff

Slack’s Hoagie Shack Cafe located at the Lower Bucks Campus recently closed, leaving students with only vending machines to fill their hunger.
Slack’s Hoagie shack was with the Bristol campus for several years. When the business closed it affected many students. Slack’s Hoagies was known for providing sandwiches, coffee and Redhouse bagels to students to help them get through their busy school day.

Faculty at the Lower Bucks Campus is working swiftly to replace the beloved food company. “The school is trying to fill the spot ASAP,” said James Sell, director of the Lower Bucks Campus.

The departure of the business leaves students and teacher without an option to receive hot food. Currently, the only food on campus is the snacks from the two vending machines.
Many students are resorting to filling up on chips and pop-tarts from the vending area. The college recently started putting out fruits like bananas, oranges and apples to keep the energy flowing for students, but people are still craving a hot meal.
Harley Burroughs, an 18-year-old student majoring in Early Childhood Education said, “I really think it sucks not having a place to get food on campus. I think we should get a vending machine with frozen foods like hot pockets and frozen pizzas, or even mac and cheese single serve at least.”
Students have already been discussing what should replace Slack’s Hoagie Shack. Some hope that the new restaurant will be incorporate food like pizza, deli style or homemade.
Sandy Ritterson of Croydon said, “I hope we get a pizza place in there, I love pizza. It makes college a little easier to bear”.
Besides having food ready for the students, the next most essential item on the menu is coffee as expressed by the majority of students, teachers and employees.
Justin Hemphill, 21 of Levittown said, “I didn’t think a hoagie place fit in well here. I think we should have a Starbucks like the Newtown campus does. I can see myself getting a coffee in between classes and not a cheese steak”.
Most students find that they don’t not have time to leave campus to get food from the nearest fast-food restaurant. This leaves most students and faculty to either bring their own lunch or rely on the vending machines for now.
The Centurion will continue to update you of when the new restaurant will be established.