Americans Grow Tired of Coronavirus Lockdowns


Spenser Sheffield, Centurion Staff

Despite mitigation efforts, the coronavirus continues to affect the American way of life with the number of cases in the country at 1.04 Million.

118,000 people have recovered and a total of 59, 692 people have died from the virus. Many are staying at home to isolate themselves from contracting or spreading the virus. Some Americans are starting to wonder about the effects this lockdown will have on the country’s economy.

Recently oil prices dropped due to the market falling in points. Nick Albor, 22, from Jamison said, “it (oil prices) shows the economy isn’t doing too well and that the oil price will continue to decline due to the coronavirus pandemic”.

Due to Americans staying at home and many now jobless they don’t have the capital to go out and make purchases. The government’s stimulus package and unemployment money attempt to help Americans stay afloat.

Emily Coleman, 21, from the Bensalem area said, “There is no way around it during a time like this. We as Americans need to continue doing our part and supporting local businesses and American businesses during this time and continue to do so after this is all over.”

Other Americans are growing impatient with lockdowns and are demanding the country to reopen. However, scientists warned that opening the country too soon could result in a second wave of the coronavirus

Jason Tanner, 21, from Jamison said, “It’s a great idea (opening the country). It’s long overdue and it will get the economy going.”

There were protests in Michigan, Kansas, Nevada, California, and several other states urging the government to reopen.

Another aspect of the coronavirus is people who are unemployed are now struggling to receive aid from the unemployment office due to the massive number of claims.

Nick Albor, 22, from Jamison says, “I feel like the government really needs to give the people their money because they need to provide for their families and having to be able to pay their bills and everything that has not been transferred until the next few months”.

Many states such as Florida and Alaska are beginning to ease restrictions and slowly open. Despite easing restrictions some Americans still believe it is too soon to resume normal life. While others are eagerly waiting for the thumbs up to return to normal.

“I will not be hesitant once stay at home orders are lifted. I’m going out as soon as I can. I was never scared of the virus and I never will be,” said Tanner.

While there are people who are scared to get the virus and some who are not. The real question is, “when is the right time to reopen?”