Congressional Race Overview: Fitzpatrick vs. Finello


Payton Schreier

Brian Fitzpatrick, the Republican congressional candidate, and Christina Finello, the Democratic
congressional candidate, are currently battling to see who will win over the people of Bucks
Brian Fitzpatrick has worked as the National Director for the FBI’s Campaign Finance and
Election Crimes Enforcement Program, and was the national supervisor for the Political
Corruption Unit. Fitzpatrick gained respect from his peers and was given the FBI Director’s
Leadership Award for his work.
He graduated from Penn State University and LaSalle University, along with the Dickinson
School of Law. He then became a licensed Certified Public Accountant, an attorney, and an
Emergency Medical Technician.
Fitzpatrick is pro-life and voted in favor of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. He
supports providing financial aid to businesses and corporations that were negatively affected by
COVID-19. He supports gun-control legislation, as well as government funding for the
development of renewable energy.
While supporting repealing the ACA, he also states that, “With skyrocketing costs and thousands
uninsured locally, Obamacare is failing. Every man, woman, and child should have affordable
health insurance… desperately needs to be fixed or replaced with a system that works better for
everyone. That should be the goal for any lawmaker, regardless of party.”
Fitzpatrick is attempting to mend the ACA, but not completely crush it, which would leave
millions without healthcare.
On the other hand, Christina Finello gained a joint law degree and Ph.D. in clinical psychology,
from Villanova Law and Drexel University. She interned at a prison in Missouri where she
interviewed and performed psychological examinations on the prisoners. After completing her
internship, she returned home to serve the community.
Finello has worked the last 10 years to improve care delivery from the governmental systems.
Finello stated that she wants accessible and affordable healthcare for those who suffer from
mental health and substance use. She also stated that the government needs to be treating mental
health on the same level as physical health within the world of health coverage.
Finello wants to raise the minimum wage for over 8 million Americans across the country and
pass a law for protecting workers by guaranteeing 12 weeks of paid family leave, along with
workers being able to earn paid sick leave.
Finello wants to make community college free, reconstruct student loans, and lower interest rates
on those loans. Finello also pushes for investments in alternative energy and for the U.S. to
rejoin the Paris Climate agreement. She would also like equality for all in employment, housing,
and marriage.
Finello also wants background checks for people purchasing guns, banning military style assault
weapons for the public to purchase, and pass a law that prevents domestic abusers from owning