Sellersville Teen Shot Dead at State Park

Payton Schreier

Jason Kutt, 18, was shot dead on Oct. 24 while on a date with his girlfriend at Nockamixon State Park.

The District Attorney at Bucks County, Matt Weintraub, is asking for help in searching for the shooter. “We need your help to understand how Jason Kutt died and we need your help to do that,” said Weintraub.

Kutt had been sitting by the lake with his girlfriend when he was fatally shot in the back of the head. Kutt had just graduated from Pennridge High School this year.

The shooting occurred at about 5:15 p.m., and Kutt was pronounced dead early on Monday morning. The shooting was close to Old Ridge Road, the access point into the Marina section of Lake Nockamixon.

Kutt’s girlfriend reported seeing a man wearing an orange vest, which appeared to be hunting gear. The distance between the shooter and the victim was approximately 550 feet away.

Game Wardens, as well as State Park Rangers responded immediately to the scene, where they found the victim with a gunshot injury to the head. First responders and the girlfriend performed first aid on Kutt before he was pronounced dead at St Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.

Police were assisted by a K9 unit but had no luck in locating any suspects in the area.

Due to their currently being no clear suspect or motive behind the case, Weintraub explained that, “We need to understand what the shooter’s intent was, whether there was actually any criminal mental state.”

Detectives from Bucks County are trying to identify the operators of three cars located within Nockamixon State Park around the time of the shooting. The cars are a champagne colored 2000 Chevrolet, a 2000 silver Camry or Avalon Sedan, and a black SUV.

Along with a K9 unit, they also searched the area with the help of a state police helicopter, but did not locate any suspects using that method either.

Kutt’s mother issued a statement about her son’s death and said, “Jason was 18 years old and a 2020 Pennridge graduate. He loved… taking walks in nature to take amazing pictures and spending time with his girlfriend. Please remember to hug your loved ones because tomorrow is never promised.”

Weintraub concluded that, “The evidence leads us to believe, at this point, is that when his girlfriend looked up, she was able to see a hunter in the roadway.”

The hunter appears to be the only suspect that was visible at the scene of the crime, although there are no main suspects at this point.