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Supply Chain Issues Threaten Holiday Season

Courtesy of Unsplash

Global supply chain issues have made holiday shopping more difficult for shoppers this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global supply chain negatively, creating less supply during a time of increasing demand.

Much of the problem comes from cargo ships being unable to dock. The ships are sitting idle at ports with unloaded goods.

Unloading the ships requires a lot of workers and truck drivers, which themselves are in short supply due to staffing issues.

People are being forced to start their holiday shopping early to ensure they get the products they want in time for the holidays. Whether people are buying in store or online, they will still experience issues with product availability and delays.

Students and shoppers seem conflicted on how they are going to buy gifts for the holidays with shortages arising. Some are resorting strictly to shopping online to get all their wants and needs, while others are opting to buy in store.

One individual that feels passionate about buying their gifts online is Brittany Cooper. She works as a veterinarian.

She says, “I find it easier to do my holiday shopping online. I don’t have to waste my time running from store to store because the business does not have what I want.”

“Online shopping is great for me because it offers more options of what I want. Shopping online also gives me the opportunity to compare prices on items from different businesses to see which has the better deal, so I can save money” Cooper continues, “It is great being able to save on items because prices are increasing on everything.”

Shopping online seems to benefit consumers in a time where store shelves are clearing out and cannot be restocked.

Another advocate for online shopping is Lauren Hoffman, a 19-year-old Doylestown native.

Hoffman claims, “I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping, but I plan to do most of it online. I like the convenience of finding everything I want in one place.”

She continues, “I enjoy being able to find unique gifts that are personal for the people I am shopping for.”

Sue Caffrey, a cook, is opposed to online shopping and prefers to shop in person because she has had some issues with buying products on Amazon.

“I do plan to buy more items in store, instead of online to make sure that certain items are real,” she explains, “I don’t want to risk getting something online and having it arrive not matching the description of the listing.”

Online shopping can have its issues with product sizing and sellers trying to scam people. People can experience products arriving late or not matching the description or quality of the product on the website.

Regardless of the pros and cons of each method, holiday shopping has proven to be a more difficult task this year than in the past.