Russia Launches Invasion of Ukraine


Map courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Tara Birnbaum and Lulu Berndlmaier

Before the day began in Ukraine on Thursday, Russian forces unleashed attacks on the country from three sides, causing civilians to flee the area in any transportation available and triggering mass frustration from leaders around the world.

Ukraine was attacked in multiple locations, including the nation’s capital. USA Today reported that the attack “threatened to create global upheaval and escalate into the largest military conflict on European soil since the end of World War II.”

The latest response from Ukraine reported that they shot down several Russian aircraft. Many casualties were reported from these air strikes.

Casualties of both Russian troops and Ukrainian military and citizens were being reported every few minutes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his plan to attack Ukraine, calling it a “special military operation.” No matter the reasoning, leaders from NATO countries and have found Russia’s invasion unjustified and unnecessary.

Thousands of Russian troops are surrounding Ukraine from three sides posing a catastrophic threat to the country.

Reuters reported that “fierce fighting was taking place in the regions of Sumy, Khaiv, Kherson, Odessa and at a military airport near Kyib, an adviser to the presidential office said.” In addition, “Ukraine reported columns of troops pouring across its borders from Russia and Belarus, and landing on the coast from the Black and Azov seas.”

Before dawn and throughout the morning, there were explosions heard in the capital, Kyiv. Residents of the city of 3 million began to flee as sirens blared and gunfire was heard.  

 “Ukrainian authorities said Russian forces had hit military assets and other defense facilities, while footage shared by Ukrainian border guards showed Russian military vehicles moving across the border from Crimea,” according to USA Today.

Fear was unleashed across the globe, as threats of sanctions were  made by western leaders. During his announcement Thursday morning, Putin made it clear there will be consequences for anyone attempting to interfere with Russia.

In his response to the premeditated attacks, Ukrainian leader President Volodymyr Zelensky says he has the support from the west, referring to President Joe Biden in the United States.

Citizens in Ukraine have been gathering their necessities from their homes in response to the pure terror they woke up to today. It has been reported that citizens have been either taking shelter or traveling west all morning.

Innocent citizens that are unable to flee the area are left to shelter in places they never would have imagined. The subways in Ukraine are being used as bomb shelters for countless families with children and pets.

Civilians in Ukraine were seen praying in the streets as the attacks unfolded.

For those fleeing to the west, lines and traffic have been extraordinary between bridges, roads, and gas stations.

Countries involved in NATO have made in clear this morning that the peace in Europe has been destroyed.

President Biden met with the National Security Council early Thursday morning to discuss the developments from the night in Ukraine. Like many European leaders, Biden plans to stay true to the U.S. commitment to NATO and unleash sanctions and hold Russia accountable. He was scheduled to address the public later Thursday.

As tension continues and grows, leaders around the world have vowed to hold Russia accountable and unleash the consequences in the upcoming days.