Should the U.S. Help Ukraine More?

Should the U.S. Help Ukraine More?

Lulu Berndlmaier

Over the last 80 years there have been many wars, with none being to the scale of World War II, but with the rise of war between Russia and Ukraine, students believe the United States has an obligation to help.

The New York Times reports that “A Russian invasion of Ukraine would be unlike most wars in the past 80 years.”

Students were asked what they personally think the U.S. should do to help with the conflict going on in Ukraine.

Communication major Tara Birnbaum, 20, of Bristol Borough says, “I believe the U.S. should help as much as we can while still protecting our country and its people.”

Recently, President Joe Biden has issued a series of sanctions against Russia in an attempt to cripple Russia economically.

Biden says, “Today, I am authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported to Russia. This is going to impose severe costs on the Russian economy, both immediately and over time.”

Early childhood education major Adriana Worley, 19, of Southampton says, “I feel that the U.S. should step in to help because the President of Ukraine does not have military experience.”

On a similar note, Central Bucks High School South Senior, Alyssa Chmielewski, 17, of Warrington says, “I think we should send them supplies.”

Something these students can agree on is that the U.S. should be aiding Ukraine while at the same time maintaining the safety of all U.S. citizens.

When asked if the sanctions were enough, Birnbaum reports, “I believe that the sanctions are making an impact, but we are capable of helping the Ukrainian people more.”

Chmielewski replies with a simple, “Yes.”

Worley explains why she believes NATO should help militarily in the war, giving the prime example of, “Ukraine was trying to join NATO.”

After being asked to share their personal thoughts on the war in totality, Birnbaum explains, “I believe Biden is helping the Ukrainian people but needs to be careful with his next steps in order to avoid further escalation of the war. The war that is going on is unnecessary, so many lives are being lost because of Putin’s selfishness. It is my hope that it deescalates in the coming days.”

Chmielewski says, “Putin should let them be safe and at peace in their own country.”

Worley expresses a similar belief, saying, “I think this war was completely out of line.”

While the beliefs of these students do not match 100 percent, something they can agree on is that this war is not right.

Agreed amongst these students and others is that Russian President Vladimir Putin was selfish and out of line for starting this war.

This war has come at the cost of Ukrainian citizens and the various cities that have become battle grounds for Putin’s invasion.

President Joe Biden is trying to economically harm Russia in hopes that the war will end without shedding American blood, but is this enough?