Gun Violence Escalating in Major U.S. Cities


Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Tara Birnbaum

Gun violence has critically injured thousands of people this year and taken the lives of many innocent citizens in major U.S. cities, leaving citizens wondering what we can do to prevent shootings in the future.

According to the Small Arms Survey, that took place in 2018, there are 120 firearms per 100 U.S. residents. The United States ranked #1 in this survey of the amount of guns in each country across the world.

The U.S. doubled the amount of firearms in the 2nd rank country, Yemen, that reported 52.8 firearms per 100 residents.

The study only covered registered firearms, and it still showed that there are more guns in the United States than people.

“Gun violence is out of control, especially locally in Philadelphia. It has affected my family recently with a family friend dying, who was only 15 years old. I don’t know what you can do to stop gun violence, people are always going to get guns either illegally or legally. People need better morals; violence is never the answer.” said journalism major, Evan Boyle.

Even young people have lost their lives to the irresponsible use of firearms in our major cities.

Gun Violence is in the news somewhere in the United States every day.

Recently on April 12, 10 people were shot and at least 24 were injured after a gunman fired 33 shots at the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn, New York.

This is just one of the 120 mass shootings that have taken place in the United States so far this year.

“We must take gun crime very seriously. Those that possess weapons illegally need to be penalized appropriately. Violence can be curtailed, as we have seen in the past, but our leaders must take the issue serious. Desperate times call for desperate measures.” said Lisa DeSimone, 51, of Bristol Borough.

A popular opinion among U.S. citizens is illegal firearms are a serious issue that need to be controlled better by authorities throughout the country.

Gun violence needs to be prevented everywhere, especially in schools. Education Week has reported 22 school shootings have occurred in 2022 so far.

This has caused students to fear going to school each day. The safety of children needs to be a priority in the upcoming discussion of the rise in gun related incidents.

It is the hope of U.S. citizens that the violence associated with guns decreases in the upcoming years.

The CDC reported 39,707 firearm related deaths in the year 2019. Which is about 109 deaths from a fire arm injury each day in the United States.

The upcoming elections everywhere in the country will certainly involve politicians’ plans to address this problem.

As young voters, college students have the opportunity to fight for gun control that major cities in the United States need.

It takes everyone to see actually change occur on a national level. To slow the rise of gun violence, everyone must get involved.