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Human Trafficking Awareness Presentation Given at Bucks

Madison Kifolo

The Bucks Catholic Student Organization hosted an informative Human Trafficking Awareness event in early March for Women’s History Month.

Allegra Cressman, Representative of the nonprofit Worthwhile Wear, arrived at Bucks on March 7 to speak about human trafficking and the work that the nonprofit has been doing.

Worthwhile Wear provides housing and restorative services to victims of human trafficking. The nonprofit includes a thrift store that provides funds for their efforts and employment for survivors. They strive to help others “wear the story of freedom” with their purchases from the store.

Human trafficking, according to Worthwhile Wear, is a “crime that deprives millions of people of their dignity and freedom, as at-risk populations are exploited for labor or commercial sex.”

According to the Department of State, “an estimated 27.6 million people are currently victims of human trafficking worldwide.”

Cressman shared that human trafficking is a “financial and human dignity issue” that is based on supply and demand. She went on to say that there is always a supply and always a demand. The human trafficking industry makes 5x more each year than Nike, Google, and Starbucks combined.

During the presentation, traffickers were defined as someone who exploits others for the profit gained from forced labor and/or commercial sex.

She stated that “human traffickers look like us … they roam in the same spaces as you and I.”  There have been many instances of this in Pennsylvania. It is considered a hotspot for human trafficking due to the easily accessible highways and large population.

Worthwhile Wear strives to provide victims with a safe space, financial help, and therapy. Their program, Worth it, is a community-based outreach and empowerment program that aims to educate people on human trafficking

The nonprofit also has a safe house for up to 6 women who are currently recovering from their experiences involving trafficking and abuse.

To get involved in raising awareness about human trafficking, Cressman urges students to become educated about trafficking, or even create a student club to further raise community awareness. Students can volunteer at their thrift store, or other organizations like Worthwhile Wear in the area.

For more information, contact Angela Cressman at  [email protected], or visit the website