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New Hobbies are Helping Students Through Pandemic Boredom

Photo courtesy Unsplash

As we approach the one-year mark since the campus was shut down due to COVID-19, there have been plenty of opportunities to reflect on these unprecedented times.

“It’s been a year already?” most are surely asking themselves. It feels like just yesterday, we all received word that the campus would shut down indefinitely. Remember when the original plan was to be back at the end of April? Well, for all we know, that may end up becoming true- even if it is one year later.

This speaks to the uncertainty that has surrounded the pandemic, uncertainty that has made all of us anxious at one point or another. With all this time on our hands, students have been forced to get creative to stay preoccupied.

We all have our go-to time killers, video games, streaming apps, or simply swiping an hour or two away on Instagram or Tik Tok. At a certain point, however, the boredom sets in, and in a time where the cures are limited, students have been forced to think outside the box.

“I miss live sports a lot, especially live crowds,” said Xander Weinstein, journalism major. “I miss being able to go to games with my friends and family, so I’ve been watching a lot of NCAA classics just to get a taste of what sports were like before the pandemic.”

While streaming content has become a reliable go-to for many students, others, like Bucks student Noah Vradenburg, have seen this as an opportunity to get in shape.

“I really only started exercising out of pure boredom,” Vradenburg said. “All of a sudden, I found myself working out almost every day, and I’m feeling great.”

He recommended exercising because of the physical and mental benefits. “It has helped my mental health a lot, my self-esteem has noticeably increased, and I feel more secure in myself than I did prior to the pandemic.”

We have a lot of time on our hands with the way things are now, and some students, such as business major John DiVeronica, have used this abundance of time to try something they’ve almost never done before.

“I’ve always been a terrible cook” DiVeronica said. “Outside of a bowl of cereal, I’ve hardly ever been able to make myself something to eat. My dad helped me out a lot with getting myself comfortable in the kitchen, I never thought I’d be able to do what I do now!”

Although this past year has not been an ideal one, it’s important that we try to focus on the positives. These are uncertain times, and although we may not know when this will be over with, it’s important to recognize that getting through this will make all of us stronger.

Until things are back to normal, do what you love, tell your family you love them, and try something new.