Some Students Worry About How They Look on Zoom


Photo courtesy Unsplash

Andrew Coates

With a full year of online classes in the books, Bucks students weigh in on how much they care about their appearances on Zoom meetings.

Bucks stopped most of its in-person services a year ago due to COVID-19’s rapid spread in the county. Two semesters later. the student body is still convening through online meeting services like Zoom.

With no immediate plan to reintroduce in-person style learning at Bucks, many students face the reality of spending another semester on Canvas and Zoom.

Teachers generally ask students to turn their cameras on during class so they can see that the student is actively participating. Students’ learning environments range from their beds to their kitchen tables, and occasionally can have beaches or ski slopes featured in the background.

Students from across the county weighed in their opinion regarding how they feel about their appearance on camera.

Mike Pietrangelo, business major, said he cares about his appearance on Zoom depending on the occasion.  “If I have a business meeting, I will make sure I look presentable and professional,” Pietrangelo said.

He went on to say that he does not worry too much about his appearance in class. “If my hair is messed up, I’ll usually throw a hat.”

Tiffany Williams, a business administration major and working mother, said she works overnights and she is not concerned with how she looks on Zoom since she is just waking up after working a night shift.

“If I really do not want to be seen, I sometimes will sit in an area in my house where the light is behind me, so it blurs my face, and I am just a shadow. I have tried to change the background, but I could not figure it out,” said Williams.

On the other hand, Kendra Mason, medical assistant major, said she is not usually concerned with her appearance, but she still wants to at least be presentable.

“I like to at least have my hair done and I usually throw on a t-shirt. I like to have dim lighting when I’m on there so it’s not too bright but not too dark. I want everyone in the class to be able to see me but I also don’t want to be the one with the brightest background,” explained Mason.

Gianna Buch, early education major, said she does not normally care about her appearances on Zoom because all of her classes start after work, therefore she is already “somewhat presentable.”

The general consensus is that students are not terribly concerned with their looks.