Love Unscripted with Dalia Omran


We meet again, Centurion
readers. this week’s topic is a
“how to” guide to a postbreak
up situation. Clip this
article out and keep it in your
wallet. you’re going to need it
Step 1: Cry and grieve.
you will do a lot of crying
and grieving throu ghout the
break -up pr ocess. i sug gest
going to the grocery store and
getting some ice cream, chocolate
and other b a d-for-you
foods, and picking up a couple
boxes of tissues.
make sure to get the latest
chick flick that made everyone
cry from redbox; you will find
comfort in the fact that the person
in the movie is just as
depressed as you.
in between th e emo tio nal
eating and crying, there will be
lots of sleeping. turn off
your phone. you probably
don’t want to have contact with
t he out side wo rl d and you
don’t want to be tempted to call
your ex.
Depending on the severity
of the break-up this could
last about 24 to 96 hours (if
it is longer than that, please
seek professional help).
try to continue to go
about daily a c tivities like
going to class, work, and
most importantly showering.
after getting over the messy
part, this brings us to the
hard part.
Step 2: Cut the ex out.
take everything your ex
ever gave you (shirts, cards,
gifts, pictures, anything that
has a direct connection to
them) and put it in a box.
put this box in the corner of
your closet or under your bed.
seeing t hes e thi ngs around
your room will bring you back
to step 1.
D e -friend you r e x on
facebook. you don’t want to
become the profile stalker who
starts to obsess over everything
they write or the pictures
they get tagged in. speaking of
tagging, untag yourself in all
pictures of you with your ex.
most likely, those pics are of
yo u hugging or kissing o r
something of a
romantic nature.
s e e ing tho se
pictures will stir
up those memories.
Delete your ex
from your contact
s on yo ur
phon e , or at
least put a
rem inder note
next to their
name not to text
or call them.
this part of
the break up has
l ots of ang e r
associated wi th
it, so cutting off
con tact wi th
yo ur e x will
mak e su r e you
do no t send
spiteful texts and
the like.
Step 3: Learn to do things
you are single now! find
thin gs you could
never do with your
p ar tner. yo ur ex
h ated “Jer sey
sho re?” have a
“J e rsey s hor e ”
your ex hated
watching your
fav orite sport ?
Wa tch t he b ig
g ame with you r
Do ever ything
you didn’t get to do
when you were in
the r e lation sh ip.
you have time to hang
out with all your friends
now without w orr ying
about your boyfriend or
girlfri e nd getting jealous.
there is the sad part:
doing things alone.
you’re going to have
to get used to being the
third wheel sometimes.
Double dates have now
turned into you hanging
out with your friend and
t heir partner. you’re
going to be bitter, and it
is going to suck.
Centurion Staff surviving
a breakup
Step 4: Start fresh and try
something new.
(Or do something you love
even more.)
after a break up it’s nice to
start fresh again. you are a
new person, not half of a
this is the time to throw
yourself into something to
keep your mind busy. turn
your attachment from your ex
into an attachment to this new
already have an activity
you love to do? put more time
into it.
this is a good time to
get a job if you don’t
already have one, learn a
craft, join a gym, do more
homework or even start
watching a new show.
Just stay busy and don’t let
yourself mope around and go
back to step 1.
Step 5: Meet someone
you are probably thinking
i’m crazy and that i’m suggesting
you find a new
boyfriend or girlfriend.
i’m not though. When i say
meet someone new, i mean
find a new friend.
if you happen to like this
BY Dalia Omran
person that is your business;
however, just be wary of
no one likes being a
rebound. Don’t make mental
comparisons of your new
friend to your ex.
more likely than not, you
and your ex had the same circle
of friends and now it
would be pretty difficult to
hang out with your friends
and your ex.
meeting new people will
open you up to a new circle
of friends and will reduce the
chances of the awkward,
painful “running into your
ex” scenario.
eventually, when you have
gotten over the break up,
being in the same social setting
as your ex won’t be a big
for now, it’s best to avoid
your ex. When you run into
your ex, you want to show
him or her how well you are
doing without them, not how
much of an emotional wreck
you are.
Last Notes:
exes can’t be friends at
the beginning. trying to
be friends right at the
beginning sounds nice
but as they say, old habits
die hard.
if you are around your ex,
you will start to do everything
you used to do and things will
get messy.
that’s called friends with
benefits, and that, my friends,
is a topic for another day.
so tell me, how do you get
over a break up? email me
with your feedback. have a
great week.

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