Tame Impala Review

Anthony DiRenzo, Centurion Staff

Kevin Parker, AKA, Tame Impala is back with an exciting new single to lead into his next project. “Patience” comes after the very successful album “Currents” which debuted in 2016.
Since then, Parker has been working on his production side of things, working with the new generation of indie and hip hop. That being said, he seems prepared to release another full length album.
“Patience” starts out with a very electronic and disco vibe, and a variety of drums and bongos. The blend of his noises are layered more than most artists today. The diversity of his inspiration and instruments used keeps Tame Impala as diverse as any band in our era.
The buildup all leads to the bridge of the very faint vocals of the song, which seem to be used as an instrument rather than the main focal point of the piece. This is something Kevin has done before, with his ambient voice complementing the diverse sounds he builds upon.
Patience isn’t what all fans expected from Parker for his new direction, yet I believe it is a refreshing one. The direction of this album seems very disco and electronic, even more so than “Currents”.
Psychedelic Rock still is a huge influence in his sound, but the way he utilizes the keyboard produces such a unique sound. While many of Tame Impala’s fans may sway more toward the heavier rock side, most of their fans will appreciate his direction in this intro to his new sounds.
Tame Impala performed over the weekend on SNL, playing “Patience” and another new track. No matter what your music taste, it should be very refreshing to get a new project from one of the most unique artists of our generation.
Check out “Patience” now on all streaming platforms, and look out for a new Tame Impala album, coming this year!