Bucks Builds Back Post Pandemic


Library photo courtesy Bucks website

Judith Russo, Centurion Staff

Covid hit Bucks like an earthquake with repercussions and after shocks that we are still trying to assess.  One day the parking lots were overflowing and the next, they were empty and stayed that way for almost a year.

Bucks enrollment mirrored that of the other 950 community colleges nationwide and dropped precipitously.

This series of stories explores different aspects of how Bucks can recover and innovate to meet the changed needs of its students as they come back from covid.

We interviewed President Ganther, hired during the pandemic, to discover exactly how the pandemic affected the college in terms of enrollment, what the budget deficit is, how she thinks we can increase enrollment and if there will be more cost-cutting measures.

We delve into the national perspective and background of  the 950 community colleges nationwide hard hit in enrollment during covid.

We discover Bucks students’ stories, reactions and perspectives about covid and the community college.

And we talk to Bucks faculty and learn of their challenges.

Finally, Matt Cipriano, Director of Student Life, gives us his insights on student clubs and involvement, what he thinks we need to do to get a vibrant student life scene back and what he is doing.

Assessing the damage and exploring all points of view, Bucks strives to remain agile in an everchanging landscape much affected by covid.