The Struggles of Community College

Centurion Staff

Across the United States, there
are 1,462 community colleges. No
two are exactly alike, however,
here we take a look at the real
cost of community college as a
whole. Not only costs of tuition,
but the tolls it takes on students in
all areas of their lives.
The first story reports on
President Trump’s budget plans
to cut Pell Grants, a major form
of compensation toward economically
distressed students. Pell
Grants are government subsidies
provided to students who come
from families who live below the
poverty line and would otherwise
have tremendous difficulty paying
for their education. Unlike loans,
grants are not required to be paid
back, so Pell Grants are an indispensable
source of tuition money
to families in need.
We then take a look at
the trials and tribulations
of employed community
college students and their
daily lives. Having to juggle
school and work full time
is no easy task, yet these
superhuman students pull it
off. The article follows four
Bucks students who work as
well as attend class while attempting
to maintain healthy
personal lives, too.
Hal Conte investigates
the rising costs of tuition
at community colleges
country-wide, in the article
“Rising Costs of Community
College Spark Concern
for Students.” In this article
Conte examines the differences
of tuition prices based on credit
hours and majors.
The following story covers San
Francisco and New York’s new
initiatives to experiment with free
community college. Already seen
as a better financial choice than
four year universities, community
college that is tuition free would
be even better. The new initiative
has many benefits planned for students,
like money for books and
other services, for example.
Finally, one of the hardest
struggles students at community
college face; graduation and transferring.
Gianfranco Illiano reports
on the hardships many students
here at Bucks have encountered
in graduating on time and getting
credits transferred to universities.
Read on to find out more about
the community college struggle.