In the Pandemic Era, Losing Fans Takes Away from the Game


Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Michael Tarapchak

Can you remember the last time you watched a sports game with a large crowd in attendance? That seems to be the problem with most fans and students nowadays, whether it’s a college game you’re attending to support your school, or a diehard sports fan with season tickets. Either way you’re missing the roar of the crowd and the atmosphere of the game.

It’s hard seeing big plays happen with no reaction from the crowd, and pumping fake noise into the television screen doesn’t seem to help the matter much either. Watching the game just doesn’t carry the same excitement as before.

We asked a casual sports fan about his thoughts and opinions on losing a booming crowd while watching a game. Ryan Tarapchak, 16, said, “I just don’t think it’s as exciting the watch anymore.” He added, “I understand why fans aren’t allowed, and I think it’s a good idea with COVID-19 going on. But still, I’m just looking forward to sitting down and hearing a big crowd cheering and getting excited.”

Diehard Eagles fan Rishi Patel, 20, said “Not only do I find myself enjoying it less, even the players themselves seem to have less excitement. I feel like not having fans makes home games borderline pointless for some teams having a crowd of fans can really help motivate them.”

He added, “Overall, I just really want fans back in the stadiums, COVID-19 has just truly been a problem.”

Non-sports fan Luke Sisco, 19, said, “Even though I don’t know what is really going on, on the field I still enjoy participating in the rallies.”

He added, “Not being able to attend my school games has been hard, I really enjoyed cheering for my college as well as spending time with friends.”

It seems that not being able to attend games has affected not only the diehard fans but also the casual fans. We can all agree that crowd packed stadiums are just more enjoyable for everyone, it can definitely add to the feel of the sport.

Fans and players are definitely pulling to have crowds allowed back into stadiums, also teams want fans back. According to, “The Cowboys will lose an estimated league-high $621 million if no fans are allowed in stadiums this year.”

Due to sports games not having as many fans, it’s also causing a large loss in jobs. Without a ton of people at games there’s no need to hire concession stand workers. COVID-19 has truly affected the sports world as a whole, from fans to employees.

Currently the NFL is working to find a safe and professional way to allow fans back into the stadiums. With all the safety protocols it’s definitely an up in the air question for if crowds will make it back in time for the 2021-2022 season.