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A Look into the Biden Administration
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2020 was a year for all of us to remember as one of the worst of our generation. A world filled with sickness, corruption, and conflict across the world.

This conflict, followed by the 2020 Presidential Election, resulted in Joseph R. Biden becoming the United States’ 46th president.

So, what are President Biden’s plans? The Biden Administration is working on helping America surpass the COVID-19 Pandemic by distributing the vaccine throughout the country as well as helping citizens who lost their jobs during the pandemic get back on their feet.

Biden plans to create a new era of energy throughout America by working on changing the country into a clean-energy state. His plan is to help create thousands of new jobs and ways of travel, as well as lower our countries use of fossil fuels.

The Biden Administration also states that they will focus on creating equity in the areas that have been affected by pollution the most such as low-income housing, as well as Black and Latino neighborhoods and Native communities.

So, what has the Biden Administration already done? Since Biden has entered office, he has signed 17 executive orders. Some of the orders include considering climate change and climate issues as an essential part of U.S. foreign policy.

Biden also has signed a memo condemning discrimination against Asians and Pacific Islanders as well as another memo to contribute the U.S. government to create better relationships with the Indigenous tribes of America.

These are only some of the orders Biden has made since he has gotten into office two weeks ago. Biden has a lot more on his plate these next few years to reach his goals.

So, what is the people’s opinion on the new Biden administration so far?

“Biden is a much-needed change to bring back professional and logical behavior to the presidency,” said Trent Mokes from Sellersville.

“While I do like a fresh Democratic administration, I feel like we are in a limbo with career Democrats and progressive Democrats leading our country,” states Ryan Poust from Perkasie. “A Democratic administration is great and a lot of what they’re planning on doing is really ambitious, but I am worried there will be a lack of action in the coming months.”

Ryan Woodman from Quakertown said, “Compared to the Trump Administration, I think it’s a huge leap forward. I think they are handling Coronavirus very well so far and rejoining international agreements. I do have some concerns. I would like them to stay out of the Middle East and take serious action in the criminal justice system.”

It seems as though many citizens are pleased with Biden’s actions so far, but some supporters are still skeptical of whether or not Biden will follow through with his plans. Many want to see action in the criminal justice system and a push for the spread of equality throughout America.

Will Biden be able to reach his goals of what he wants for America? Will the president be able to create the new green economy and create thousands of new jobs? Only time will tell how this Administration will change America.