Out With Old, In With New

Vincent Paravecchia

Josh Ross is a golfer who understands what it means to make the most out of every situation. At 20-years-old, the Washington Crossing resident has emerged as one of the best golfers on this year’s team at Bucks.

Josh and his twin brother John were born in Philadelphia on March 12, 1983. After a few years in Yardley, PA the family of four moved to Washington Crossing. They have lived there ever since.

Josh attended Saul Feinstone Elementary School and then Newtown Friends School. He developed an early passion for ice hockey and golf.

Josh wanted to attend Council Rock High School, but his parents convinced him to attend a private school. He enrolled at Pennington, a small high school in Mercer County, New Jersey.

“They were the best years of my life,” Josh said of his high school experience.

Josh played hockey and golf throughout his four years at Pennington. Golf, however, became his main focus. He helped his team to a Mercer County and State Championship before graduating in 2001.

Major universities took notice of Josh’s talent on the links. He was offered scholarships by various Division I and Division III schools.

Susquehanna University won him over in the end. Josh enrolled under an athletic scholarship as a business major in the fall of 2001.

“I wanted to make a new bunch of friends, so I went to Susquehanna,” he explained.

Not everything went according to plans. Classes, grueling practices and tournaments began to take their toll on Josh.

“Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were crazy from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” Josh said.

Finally, an advisor told Josh to enroll at a community college for a semester to improve his grades. After three semesters at Susquehanna, he transferred to Bucks in the spring of 2003.

Josh attended classes and was hired by CAU Insurance in Newtown. His plan to return to Susquehanna this semester then unexpectedly changed.

Josh was given the option of remaining at CAU for the next year. In return, he would have his final two years paid for at a school of his choosing, if he maintained a 3.0 average. He accepted the offer.

“Susquehanna was a great time, but the opportunity to have tuition paid for over the last two years was a great thing,” Josh said.

Josh joined the Bucks’ golf team this semester. Team captain Nick Riggieri and head coach Scott Bradshaw quickly took him in. The transition from Division III competition has been favorable for him.

“I didn’t come in with a big ego,” Josh said. “I also didn’t expect this to be so much fun.”

Ross has credited Bradshaw for much of his success thus far. He is grateful for his encouragement and assistance in improving each player’s game.

“I really wouldn’t be playing golf if it wasn’t for Bradshaw,” Josh said.

Thus far, Josh has guided his team to two fourth-place finishes. He recorded the best score of any player in the field in just his first event with the school on September 5, at Eagle’s Crossing Golf Course.

“We (the team) are not celebrating for winning, but we have good sportsmanship,” Josh said. “We enjoy playing and having a good time together.”

Playing mainly Penn State branch schools has been positive for Josh. Less competition has made the game more fun and less demanding.

“Everyone is likable on every team,” Josh said.

Josh is now a liberal arts major. With classes and work everyday, balancing academics and golf has not been easy.

Family and friends take up whatever remaining time Josh has. His twin brother, John, is currently a communications major at the University of Michigan. Still, Josh does not let their separation discourage his promising future.

“I like the point where I’m at in my life now,” Josh said with plenty of optimism.