Mixed views on the Eagles so far


since the beginning of the
NfL season the Philadelphia
eagles have received a lot of
notoriety for the departure of
donovan McNabb. A lot of
people were wondering how
the eagles would do without
the greatest QB in the franchise’s
Kevin Kolb was originally
supposed to be the starting QB
for the eagles when the season
started. But after getting a concussion,
and playing a terrible
first half, Kolb lost his starting
Michael Vick came and
played the second half of the
game and played very well. he
then got the start against
detroit. he also played very
well in his starts against
detroit and Jacksonville. Vick
was playing the best best football
of his career until he got
hurt against the redskins.
Kolb came in and played
well in the second half against
the redskins and follow
with a decent start the next
week against the san francisco
At press time the eagles’
record stood at 4-2; they have a
lot of talent on the team but
there is much to be improved.
students around Bucks have
very mixed opinions on the
way this season is going this
John cradowski, 22, a nursing
major from fairless hills,
thinks that Vick is the man for
the position. “i think Vick
should be the starter. he’s
more mobile and has a way
better arm then Kolb does.”
Vanessa carlton, 20, a liberal
arts major from Philadelphia
says, “i think the birds are
alright now, but if Vick comes
back the eagles have a strong
chance at making the super
Joe Brophy, 18, a liberal arts
major from Newown, says this
is where he expected the
eagles to be at this point in the
season. “i think Vick should be
the starter this season; we
might as well use him while we
got him because like it or not
he’s gone at the end of the season.”
david Washington, 20,
Bristol, a culinary arts major,
said, “the eagles are an above
average team that’s about it.
they have many problems
with their offensive line that
can’t block anything and the
defense has to be one of the
worst in the league. i think
they should stick with Kolb as
the starter, he showed a lot of
potential last week against san
corey simpson, 19, a liberal
arts major from holland, says
that the eagles are about a .500
team at best. “Let’s be real
they have a lot of talent, but
there are a lot of holes that
need to be filled especially on
defense. i think Vick should be
the starter…”