New Head Coach for Bucks Women’s Basketball


Women’s basketball at Bucks
is about to be played differently,
Laura Miele has signed on
as head coach for the team and
hopes to start the season off
Miele is no stranger to
coaching women’s basketball,
with a multitude of experience
she comes into the role of
coach at Bucks very prepared.
she has been involved in college
sports since her undergraduate
she attended christ the King
regional high school in New
york city, a school that has
been among the top 25 teams
in the country for over 20
years, and played varsity basketball
in their competitive
in her college years Miele
had a colorful athletic career.
she played division i basketball
at Arizona state university
and participated on the Arizona
caliente’s first women’s full
contact football team. she also
became a New york Golden
Gloves (an elite amateur boxing
competition) semi-finalist
in 2004.
Miele has coached varsity
high school and club teams
since 1989 including sports
such as basketball, volleyball
and softball (among many
other ones). through coaching
she’s lead numerous teams to
play in championships in exotic
locations such as Australia
and hawaii.
As well as having a strong
background in athletics, Miele
is no stranger to the academic
life. she has acquired her bachelor’s
degree in exercise physiology
and physical education,
her master’s in education, and
her doctorate in sport psychology.
With an impressive list of
degrees, Miele knows sports
on a physical level as well as
an intellectual level.
she runs her own company
called Mind over Body
Athletics, LLc. Mind over
Body provides sport psychology
consulting/coaching, sports
injury prevention, and personal
basketball training sessions.
Miele is also a member of the
American Association for
Physical Activity and
recreation and the National
strength and conditioning
Association (NscA)
By stepping into the position
of the new head coach, Miele
will bring her experience and
knowledge to lead the team to
success. she hopes to continue
the progress that has been laid
out by former coach sharice
Gibbons. Last season the
centurions held a record of 11
wins and 4 losses.
Because Bucks is a two-year
community college many students
only stay for this amount
of time or even shorter to take
classes. this affects the
women’s basketball team’s
roster by having to constantly
seek new players. Miele plans
on working with a nearly completely
new team of girls this
year, with only one or two
returning players.
the first game is scheduled
to take place on thursday,
Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. it will be an
away game with Bucks facing
(and playing at) Philadelphia
community college.
the fall 2010/winter 2011
season runs until mid-feb.
with the ePcc tournament and
championship games following
the post-season.
the complete women’s basketball
schedule can be found
Laura Miele can be contacted
at [email protected] with
any questions about the
upcoming basketball season.