The In’s and Out’s of the Bucks Equestrian Team


Tatiana Gordon

Hickory Run Farm-Newtown, PA Amanda Enwright teaches lessons at a farm that provides horseback riding lessons for all ages at any time that is convenient. Horseback riding is a sport or a hobby that can be a competitive sport or used for mere enjoyment. You get to pick the schedule and the lesson that suits your experience level.
Enwright has been teaching horseback riding lessons for a good 15 years and says, “teaching is a rewarding job that is full time and has been a passion for me all of my life.” Enwright teaches eight people at different times for the equestrian team. These team members have the option to choose whether they want to ride for an hour which would cost them $25 a lesson or half hour for the same price.
19-year-old Dominique is a nursing major at the Newtown campus at Bucks. She is one of the students at Hickory Run farm who just started riding and is new to the team since the beginning of last semester. She says, “the best experience of being part of the team is meeting new friends that enjoy the same activity.”
Domonique rides at Hickory Run farm two or three times a week but anyone that joins this team doesn’t have to ride that many times a week. She states, “I always wanted to ride and be part of the equestrian team and it really sets you up nicely. You can be a part of the team even if you have no experience at all because one of the coaches will lead you into what you have to do.”
Before you begin riding, you would need the proper gear to ride. There are different saddlery shops, the closest being Riding Saddlery Tack Shop in Newtown. Their address is 2324 Second Street Pike, Newtown, Pa 18940. It is a ten minute drive from the college.
Another saddlery shop is a bit further than the Riding Saddlery Tack shop and is called Do Trot in Tack Shop. The address for this one is 2539 York Rd, Jamison, Pa and it is a good 20 minute drive from Bucks.
The type of gear to look for is used gear because it is cheaper in price but not necessarily lesser in quality. You would need specific riding pants, boots, helmet, and specific riding gloves in the winter. Individuals that are huge fans of horseback riding can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the gear alone let alone the lessons.
The first lesson will be the basics. The coach will teach you which tools to use to brush your horse, how to groom your horse, how to tack up the horse and obviously how to get on the horse to begin riding. Next, your coach will teach you how to get your horse going into a walk at a nice pace.
If you are interested in joining the equestrian team you can contact Amanda Enwright at 267-304-5228