Bucks’ Men’s Tennis Team Faces First Match

Jocelyn Pappas

The Men’s Tennis Team at Bucks will face off against Mercer in their first match on
March 28 at the Bucks campus.

This leaves another 20 some days till their first match, with another match against Williamson expected the day after the contested competition against Mercer, making there two games in the same month.

There are eight games scheduled thus far for the 2017 season, with the bulk of them reserved for April.

Of the games planned up to this point, four are home games. Typically, the team goes competes with another team one a time, per each game session.

With coach Mehul Shah, the team has been meeting at Newtown Campus least three days a week to vigorously prepare for their upcoming matches against other schools in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Surprisingly, the team practices alongside the Women’s Tennis team, who start their seasonal games much later in the Fall Semester.

Mercer, along with Ocean Community College are just some examples of schools the team has competed against in the past, and has even gone to regional tournaments.

The team itself has won some a couple of accolades, including a championship in the EPCC league in 2010. Two other awards were given previously, one reserved for a past coach and another for a player.

“I try to stress that Tennis is a lifelong sport,” says Alex Diamond, a current player on the team and student at Bucks.

It isn’t Diamond’s first semester on the team, having been a part of the team prior to this semester.

According to Diamond, various players on the team come from all sorts of clubs, including other sports teams.

Others such as Diamond himself, became acquainted with the Tennis team through the club palooza, which is a general club event occurs near the beginning of both the fall and spring sessions.

Diamond went onto emphasize the importance of specific strategies in Tennis, especially when going up against more difficult teams such as some teams from New Jersey.

“As long as you constantly hit it over the net, they have to play it,” he explained, further describing the art of Tennis to be akin to a mind game.

Diamond exemplified knowledge of Tennis terminology, such as a topspin and a serve, furthering his point.

Despite the competitive nature of tennis, he emphasized an important aspect of tennis that may hold true for many other sports. “No matter what you’re playing, always have fun.”

Aspiring players and students interested in learning more about the team can contact Shah through email, [email protected], or his contact number 215-404-8566, which all can be found on the Bucks athletics website.

For more information about the tennis team online, visit http://athletics.bucks.edu/sports/mten/index.