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Men’s Basketball Team Bounces Back

Photo Credit: Bucks County Community College Athletics

Photo Credit: Bucks County Community College Athletics

Photo Credit: Bucks County Community College Athletics

Elijah Pittman

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After a previously mediocre
season for the men’s basketball
team, the coaching staff is expecting
the team to have a bounce
back this year with the many new
players added to the team.
Somah Solewion, 20, a business
administration major at Bucks
is one of the team’s star players
that is returning from last year.
He gave his thoughts on the team
from this year and how it differs
from last year, “There is a lot
more talent this year and a lot
more dedication. I can already
see that guys are serious about
this. My team goals are obviously
to make the playoffs and to be
at least top 3 in the conference.
To be able to get there I think we
just must work hard, stand up for
each other, and treat everyone like
there your brother.”
Adjwoda Sanoumnga or formally
known as Drew, 18, is a
health science major. He gave his
thoughts on the teams and season,
“I think that this year we have
more talented guys. More guys
that can handle the ball, rebound,
and create their own shot. Another
thing is I think with the team we
have, we can be good defensively
on the fact that we have bigger
players. We have guards that are
over 6 foot. My team goals are
just to win everything, playoffs
and then championship. If you believe
a championship is possible
then you shouldn’t be playing.”
Ryan Charity, 23, the assistant
coach for the team, said, “Our
team is young, we have a lot of
really good players who really
wants to play basketball and
enjoys playing the game. I don’t
think coming to practice every
day and working hard will be an
issue for these guys. I am sure
we will get maximum effort from
them. They already have good
communication skills, I’m sure
everyone just wants to win. A
championship should always be
the goal but we missed playoffs
last year so we will just take it one
game at a time. For us to compete
for a championship we they will
just have to be focused and locked
in from day one and we have guys
coming back from last year that
will have that experience. They
will be leaders this year and show
the new guys the ropes from an
early start.”
Frank Copestick, 36, another
one of the head coaches of
men’s basketball this year, has an
optimistic outlook, explaining,
“This year’s team looks much
more athletic. We have a lot of
freshman that are right out of
high school, it’s easier to coach
players like that. I have very high
expectations for these guys. As a
coach and even back when I was a
player, my expectations and goals
was to be the best and to play like
every game was your last game.
As a goal I think this year’s team
can put Bucks county back on the
map. Our team record hasn’t been
to good the last few years and
were trying to get back to be a
competitive program. I want these
guys to play hard so we can go
to the playoffs and compete for a

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Men’s Basketball Team Bounces Back