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An Uphill Battle For Men’s Basketball Team With 2-6 Start

Elijah Pittman, Centurion Staff

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Centurions Men’s Basketball is off to a rocky 2-6 start, after having high expectations set forth before the season.

Frank Copestick, Centurions assistant coach, talked about the year by saying, “The season is not a race, it’s a marathon.” He added, “A lot of season is left to be played, we are optimistic as a staff and as a team and still feel strong about our expectations.”

Copestick talked about the players still having a strong work ethic and a strong chemistry by saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes better.” He added, “Guys are in the gym more than once a day working hard on their game, we have a great group of guys who all work very hard and all have a tight bond.”

Somah Slewion, 20, is a business major at Bucks, as well as team captain and leading scorer. Slewion talked about not being happy how things are going but believes things are going to turn around by saying, “This isn’t how I expected us to start the season, and guys need to pick and up and play with more heart.” He added, “I am not about losing and we will turn things around, changes will happen soon enough.”

Damier Meadows, 18, a sports marketing major, and arguably one of the best shooters on the team said, “I do not understand why we are losing, like we are losing.” He added, “We have the players with the talent, we just aren’t executing what the coaches teach us.”

Meadows continued by saying, “Something is going to have to change, I don’t want to waste time losing games when I know we can win.” He added, “Guys just have to get it together and play harder so we don’t let our coaches down.”

Julian White, 17, another sports marketing major, talked about wishing he could do more for the squad by saying, “I wish I could do more for the team but I can only do so much.” He added, “I am just going to give it my all when I have the chance.”

White also added, “I am learning a lot during practice and I am trying to use it to expand my game to a new level, I want to be more versatile.”

Parker Kelley, 18, is regarded by teammates by hustling and playing hard. Kelly gave his thoughts on the season so far by saying, “So far the season has been very disappointing and surprising, I thought we were going to be way better than we are.” He added, “It is not that we are not good, it is just that guys have to play smarter and harder, it is that simple, whatever coach tells us to do we have to do it.”

Kelley added, “I believe we can turn things around and make noise for the rest of the season as fast as we lost six, we can just as fast win six.”

Even though the season did not start as well as what the team thought, the Centurions are optimistic that they can turn things around and make noise.

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An Uphill Battle For Men’s Basketball Team With 2-6 Start