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Eagles Pep Rally Held at Bucks

Isabella Garratt

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Eagles’ fans got pumped this Thursday at Bucks’ rivalry-filled pep rally in preparation for the second exciting Super Bowl showdown between the Eagles and the Patriots.
The rally was filled with all things green in an effort to get sleep-deprived college students excited about something in the dead of winter, and for good reason; not only is this game the second time these two enemies have made it to the Super Bowl, but fans were very opinionated, giving it a fun and competitive spirit.
If all of the hype about who’s winning or losing wasn’t enough to make you regret not joining the pep rally, maybe the slew of prizes will. Eagles gear, including hats, stickers, and finger pointers were given out during fun games like cornhole. Students became almost as competitive as the NFL players themselves. Tossing the small bags into the holes was reminiscent of football players kicking a field goal.
For some it’s the novelty of a possible Philly win, as Matt Cipriano, who helped to organize the pep rally said: “The eagles have never won a single Super Bowl. I think it would be good if they got that monkey off their back. The Pat’s just don’t deserve it. The pep rally is important for friends and comradery too. The Super Bowl is exciting because it will be a good game, but it’s also really good for the economy.” Matt would know, he once drove all the way to Detroit to see a Super Bowl, and the only hotel he could get was in Ohio.
Others are excited for another possible close game after a comeback. In 2012, the Eagles lost 24-21 in the Super Bowl.
One student’s eyes became wide when I asked him for his opinion, “When Carson Wentz was injured—I thought it was over for the Eagles. My Dad said Foles could pull it off to make it to the Super Bowl, and he was right. I’m glad I was wrong.” said Tyler C., a 25-year-old music major.
Some have much simpler requests of their Super Bowl players. Mike O., a 19-year-old engineering student, had some much lower expectations of the rivalry team. “I just don’t want the Patriots to cheat. I just want the Eagles to win. That’s all I want.”
Lower Bucks campus also hosted a pep rally the previous Wednesday, and Matt again shared his opinion, “The Super Bowl will feel like one big, giant, homecoming game. Philly fans care about it because we’ve never won. It’s more special than if the Pat’s win again.”
Sometimes, a love of the game really is that simple.

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Eagles Pep Rally Held at Bucks