The Return of Wentzlyvania

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Joe Snyder

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It’s a new NFL season and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Carson Wentz, is finally back in action on the field.
After missing many months of playing time due to a torn ACL, Wentz finally came back to play on week three of the 2018 season and beat the Indianapolis Colts 20-16.
He has looked a bit rusty since his return, but even so, in three games he has thrown five touchdowns and one interception and has an exceptional Quarterback rating or QBR of 99.6.
After being inactive for so long it seems that he’s not back into the full swing of things trying to lead the Eagles the way he did a season ago. Sean Horton, a student here at Bucks said, “He is playing too early, and still seems injured” and Roman Dosyak said “he is not playing like last year” referencing to his MVP-like season he had in 2017.
To give Wentz some credit he has only played three games so far in which two have been close losses by three points or less and his QBR has increased from game to game so there’s definitely a positive outlook to the way he’s started so far.
In the latest loss to the Minnesota Vikings he recorded a QBR of 115.3 which is much improved from his first game where he posted an 84.9 QBR. A lot of people here at Bucks are blaming him for the Eagles’ losses, but statistically he is playing pretty good and does not deserve the criticism thrown his way.
His completion percentage has increased by 1 percent and he has not thrown an interception since his first start in Week three. Eli Ziff said, “He is playing awful but it’s not his fault.”
Wentz might not be playing “awful” but he has room to improve his skills.
A big criticism he has from many people is that he holds onto the ball too long and then is easily tackled for a loss of yards. A lot of fans think if he just threw the ball away when he needs to or even looked for an open receiver he could give the offense a better opportunity to get first downs and score points.
Wentz is looking like a form of himself last year but not the MVP-worthy quarterback that brought the eagles a 13-3 record in 2017. He needs to improve his skills and that will motivate the whole team to play better just like last year.
The team as a whole needs to play better, especially the secondary of the defense. They need to cover the receivers better and if the Eagles fix some of these little things that have been hurting them they will be playoff bound once again this year.

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