A Look At The Women’s Basketball Season

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A Look At The Women’s Basketball Season

Mackenzie Mooney, Centurion Staff

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The Bucks women’s basketball season is coming to a not so happy ending end, with a record of 0-19. Despite all the hardship, the team is only looking up from here with bigger plans for the future.
With 17.6 points per game average, the team is working very hard to do their best for the remainder of their season.
Team captain Haleigh Kaufmann (Yardley, PA), a second-year student and player here at Bucks said, “We set simple goals for every game this season, such as having five different people score, and we met that every game.”
Although the scoreboards don’t show it, the team successfully did everything that they said they wanted to do. Considering how last season went for the girls, they were sure not to be too hard on themselves this time around.
“This year, we had more team unison, we just try our best to have fun. With a season with very little skill level, all you can do is have fun and try to improve every game” Kaufmann said.
As a player, she feels that defense is her strongest suit. With shooting also being one of Kaufmann’s strong suits, she really enjoys the defense aspect of every game. As a team, their strength is being able to set every goal they created for each game.
With a tough season comes tough competitors. Haleigh Kaufmann said, “Every team we play is very skilled compared to us. We’re a team made of soccer and tennis players and have only two girls that play basketball outside of Buck’s, so that’s definitely a struggle for us.”
She added that the team’s coach does the best he can do to lead them to victory. With how their season has been going, Kaufmann stated that it “can be frustrating at times, but he is doing his best to accommodate and try to make us as successful as possible.”
With basketball not even being most of the girl’s main sport, it is tough.
“I wish we would all have communicated more. Since none of us really have any education on the game, talking would’ve made us more successful. Communication off the court and between coaches and players should have happened more,” added Kaufmann
Although this season might not have been the best, the team gave their all and remembered to have fun while doing it. Best of luck to all players as we are all eager to see how both them as individuals and Buck’s women’s basketball as a whole grow.

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