Bucks Softball Team has High Hopes for the Season

James Wister, Centurion Staff

The Lady Centurion’s softball season is in full swing with the conference play just beginning to get underway.
This year’s team has seen great improvement from last season and volunteer coach Megan Finnerty, a 23 year-old nursing major originally from Monroe, New York, believes that her team can continue to improve in certain aspects of the game.
Specifically, Coach Finnerty thinks the team needs most to improve in the mental aspect of the game.
“We need to know what to do when the ball is hit in play,” said Finnerty.
Many of the players on the team agree with their coach’s statement and believe that a lack of communication on field is hurting their play and leading to errors. The most improved player in Coach Finnerty’s eyes this season has been left fielder Brianna Carsella, a 19 year-old early education major from Langhorne.
This is Carsella’s first year ever playing softball and she said she is proud of herself for working her way into the starting lineup and said the coaches have played a big role in her development. Carsella also plans to continue playing softball going forward after this season. As for Carsella’s goals for the rest of the season, “I want to learn more about the game and keep up good relationships with her teammates,” she said.
Nikki Naylor, a 20 year-old health and physical education major from Levvittown, who plays as a catcher, pitcher and center fielder doesn’t think the team has come together and worked as a team well enough quite yet. Naylor does have high hopes for herself and the rest of the team. “We can work together to fulfill a good season and end up with more wins than losses,” she Naylor.
Anna Dean, a 19 year-old health sciences and radiology major from Bensalem, who is playing softball again for the first time since the seventh grade feels as though she has played okay this season and has progressed as the season has gone on. Dean said she wants to become a better and more consistent hitter.
Abby Schrandt, a 19 year-old health science major from Yardley, plays first base and pitcher for the Lady Centurions. Schrandt has a lot of faith in her teammates and herself and sees great things happening for the team this year.
“My goal for the team is to try to win the conference and make the playoffs,” said Schrandt.
While this goal won’t be easy to attain, it is certainly possible as long as the team continues to work on their communication on the field and trust each other to do what they need to get done in order to win.
There is a lot of optimism around the team this season and the Lady Centurion’s are going to do everything they can to reach their highest potential. Make sure you come out and support the girls as the fight to reach the playoffs heats up.