Farewell, Wade and Nowitzki

Anthony Schall, Centurion Staff

The NBA lost two of the most influential and greatest players to ever touch the hardwood this past season. Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade both have officially retired and not only their fans, but NBA fans as a whole, are deeply saddened.
It’s not just about the team’s home city, it’s much more than that. These two players left such an impact on that game that has affected every basketball fan around the world. Nineteen year old Dom Chrzanowski, a criminal justice major from Levittown said, “Dwayne Wade was such a great player on and off the court. He changed people’s lives. I just saw a video on twitter of him giving back to the community and it’s amazing to see players do that”.
Chrzanowski also said, “Dwyane Wade will go down as one of the best Shooting Guards ever to play the game”. He went on and said, “Dirk Nowitzki changed the game for European players. You see all these young players coming from overseas and they look up to Dirk”.
Other NBA fans have talked about how much of an impact these players left. Eighteen year old Ricky Montaz, a sports management major from Levittown talked about how versatile Wade was. “Dwyane was able to play both guard spots and he made a living from it. He also along with Manu Ginobili perfected the Euro Step,” said Montaz.
Montaz continued, “Dirk created his own signature shot with that post fade and he paved the way for Euro players in the league. All the young Euro players look up to him. His own teammate, Luka Doncic looks at him as a role model”.
Jim Wister, a twenty one year old communication major from Bensalem said, “Dwyane was one of the best shooting guards to ever play. He started the Heat franchise has been a great influence on the community”. This is what separates Dwyane from other players, his ability to be a great player not only on the court, but off the court as well. Dirk made it possible for Euro players To come from overseas and play in the NBA, he was the face of a whole franchise for years”, stated Wister.
These two players have made their way into our hearts as NBA fans. They have made such an impact on and off the court. These two guys will always hold a special place in NBA fans hearts and will be known as legends forever.