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Coach Justin Burroughs Hits Record Number of Wins


After coaching men’s soccer for more than a decade at the college, Justin Burroughs is now the record holder for the most wins of all time with the Bucks soccer program at 157.

Burroughs’ milestone was reached after the team faced Montgomery Community College on Oct. 15 and were able to continue their winning streak.

“I am extremely competitive, but it’s really about enjoying the game and the players. I could not do it without them. When they do well I do well,” said Burroughs.

Burroughs was hired as an assistant soccer coach for the college back in 2004. At the time he was not planning on leading the program and had a full-time job in the banking industry. However, in 2005 he was promoted to head coach and has not looked back since.

“Before coming to Bucks I was coaching youth teams, but I wanted to test myself and wanted to do something different. I like to be able to see all the young adults continue to grow and mature,” said Burroughs.

As a young adult himself, Burroughs attended Monmouth University on a full soccer scholarship. Burroughs used his skills to shape the soccer program into the powerhouse team it is today with a current record of 16-2 for the season.

“The team started off extremely small. We had just enough people to play. I do like winning so I started convincing everyone we could be better,” explained Burroughs.

The men’s soccer team currently has 21 players with a 17-18 game roister.

“The team is built as a family. We work hard as a family. Coach Burroughs is doing a lot for me. He tells me what I need to do to get into a D-1 school. That’s where all his wins come from, inspiring others to work hard,” said Prince Boafo, a current player on the soccer team.

The family that Coach Burroughs has built also comes from the commitment each player makes to the team. The team has a practice or game daily with some Saturday games as well.

“I really watch over them and care for every person. It is all about the relationships we build,” said Coach Burroughs.

Coach Burroughs has also helped shape a large Centurion soccer alumni community. Former players have become coaches and each year an Alumni game is held. Burroughs said he has even attended baby showers and weddings of former players.

“Alumni help promote the program and help with community service. It really makes you want to work harder when you see everything they have done for the program,” Burroughs said.

When Burroughs is not coaching, he spends time overseeing the other athletic programs at Bucks as the Assistant Athletic Director for the college.

“When I have free time, I do
not want to pay attention to sports. I mainly hang out with family, friends, and my dog that I
absolutely adore,” confessed Burroughs.

Burroughs was congratulated with a cake after reaching his wins. Perhaps Burroughs secret to success is his love for his work.

“I would coach for free,” added Burroughs.

Burrough’s wins are not stopping anytime soon, on Oct. 22 the team won their game against Williamson College of the Trade making his wins at 158.