What the Eagles Need to Do in the Offseason

Spenser Sheffield, Centurion Staff

The Philadelphia Eagles are a big topic of discussion this
offseason after they struggled to finally make it into the playoffs, only to make an early first round exit.
Many people are concerned for the team and are beginning to wonder what the Eagles need to improve on for the next season. Eagles fans around Bucks had many ideas to help the team in their offseason.
“The Eagles will need to improve on their discipline and coming together better as a team,” said Ross Whitley, a 30-year-old communications major.
Whitley is also concerned about the Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz. He said, “Well, when he is playing I think he does great, but I get the feeling he has favorites.” Many fans found that Wentz was continuously throwing to the same few players instead of contributing with all his teammates.
21-year old communications major, Joshua Daranijo,
thought the Eagles need to work on their defense.
Daranijo said, “I feel like the Eagles need to improve on the corner back talent. Most of the games this season, it felt like the CB’s kept giving up major plays to make the Eagles lose their game.”
Even though Daranijo thought the defense needs improvement, he still had faith in their
He added, “It felt like he was and is still a tremendous asset to this team. The numbers he puts up RE monumental. The Red zone
consistency is another key part.”
The red zone is from the
20-yard line in the field to the goal line.
Daranijo continued,“The fact that he is statistically in the top five for the best red zone
completion can show a lot. When you drive your offense down the field, it is a great feeling to know that your QB is trustable in the red zone!”
Some students believe that the Philadelphia Eagles are not confident in their game play.
“They need to practice more and take things seriously. Get in that winning mindset and not just give up,” said Emily Coleman, a 21-year-old dental hygiene major. She also believed that Wentz needs to be more careful.
19-year old Kenny Laureno who studies early education said, “They need to improve the
offensive line, and to stay healthy.”
The Eagles had about 24 players sit out for at least one game this season.
Laureno still believes in Wentz. She said, “Wentz needs to be more mobile but overall a super bowl contender.”
Kalei Casiano, an 18-year-old journalism major thought the time management on the field needs to be refined.
Casiano said, “I think they need to improve on their timing and managing it on the field. Who they run the ball too and staying healthy because they have too many injuries.Wentz needs to stay healthy.”
Bucks students still seem confident in the Philadelphia Eagles. Although, there needs to be major changes before they are ready to start the next season of football in the fall.