Somehow, the Eagles Got a Win

Hunter Sleppy

Somehow, some way, the Eagles came back and beat the Giants 22-21 to take first place in the NFC East.

It seemed unlikely heading into the game that the Carson Wentz would finally break out and lead his team to a commanding victory Thursday night. Well, he kind of did.

Wentz and the Eagles started out strong with an early TD run from Wentz. But the defense also had to play their side of the football too.

The Giants had some pretty big plays of their own, courtesy of the Eagles defense. Former Eagles WR Golden Tate had a 39-yard touchdown against his former team and channeled his inner Rocky Balboa at the goalpost for the celebration.

The next drive for the Giants didn’t go as planned, as Jalen Mills grabbed an interception off of Daniel Jones. So how did the Eagles respond after getting the INT?

Wentz threw a questionable pass into the endzone, ended up getting picked off by the Giants defense, and cost his team an opportunity to add on to their lead. But right before halftime the Eagles still had a chance to add to their lead.

A seemingly simple 29-yard field goal from Jake Elliott, whose career long is over 60 yards, was wide left. Eagles held the lead at 10-7 at the end of the half.

In the second half, on arguably the play of the night, Daniel Jones shocked the entire NFL with an 81-yard run that was almost a touchdown, but then he stumbled and fell short of that touchdown. Even though the play has now turned into a meme, Jones ran over 21 mph, the fastest speed from a quarterback in the last three years.

The Giants would score on their next two drives to make it 21-10. The Eagles needed to respond, and they did just that after John Hightower caught a 59-yard throw from Wentz, which led to Greg Ward Jr. scoring the touchdown.

The Eagles failed to get the two-point conversion, making it 21-16. After shutting down the Giants, Wentz took the offense back onto the field for a chance to steal the win.

It seemed like the victory was in sight; they were at the three-yard line and an offensive lineman got a 15-yard penalty after ripping someone’s helmet off.

The next play Wentz threw an absolute dime into the hands of Boston Scott, hauling in the go-ahead touchdown. Once again, the Eagles went for another two-point conversion, and once again they failed.

They had retaken the lead 22-21, leaving the Giants only 38 seconds and no timeouts to go down the field and snatch it back. But a holding call derailed all hope for the Giants, making things more difficult for themselves.

Two plays later, Brandon Graham stripped the ball loose from Jones, and the Eagles fell on top of it, to not only claim the victory against the Giants 22-21, but to claim first place in the bad, really bad NFC East.

The Eagles next game is Sunday night, hosting the battered Dallas Cowboys who are now on their 7th round draft pick for quarterback, on NBC at 8 p.m.