Eagles Hire New Head Coach


Michael Tarapchak

With the recent firing of former Eagles head coach Doug Peterson, it didn’t take them too long to find their head coaching replacement. On Jan. 24, the Eagles announced that they found their guy, Nick Sirianni, age 39, who was formerly with the Colts as offensive coordiantor.

When word came out that the Eagles hired Sirianni, longtime Eagles fan Rishi Patel was all for it.

“Nick Sirianni is a guy that can put this team back on track,” said Patel, 20, who studies at Penn State.

The hiring of Sirianni came as a surprise to many fans and media outlets, as it seemed Josh McDaniels was running away with the job title. Reports came flying out that McDaniels had a nine-hour meeting with the Eagles and the owner discussing philosophy and plans if he were to be chosen as the next head coach.

Those reports were proven false as Sirianni was the one who came out on top for the job. Sirianni recently had a press conference to be inducted as the head coach in which he was getting placed on blast by media outlets for looking nervous and stuttering with his words. This wasn’t a good look, especially if you’re going to lead a locker room.

Fortunately for Sirianni, many of his former players on the Indianapolis Colts, including Darius Leonard, came out and said the ridicule on Sirianni after his press conference was completely unjust.

“Sirianni is going to be great for the Eagles, I was really hoping the Eagles would sign McDaniels so we can keep Sirianni for at least another year,” said Colts fan Cole Tarapchak. It seems like Sirianni has big praise with the Colts athletes and their fans.

With Sirianni as their new head coach, the first step is deciding who is going to be the quarterback for the new year. We likely won’t know until the new season kicks off, but Sirianni is in a unique situation where he has two quarterbacks who both have a great chance to win the starting job.

As Sirianni begins his career as a head coach, he’s going to need to install a winning culture in the Philadelphia Eagles organization. This means setting up the roster with a bunch of guys who want to be there, and putting yourself in the best position to win. All of which is very capable of happening in their division which came off to be the worst statistical division this year.

As the off-season rolls around, look for the Eagles to get younger, don’t expect a playoff run in the first year of Sirianni’s campaign. But what you look forward to is early draft picks and a bright future.