Are We Still Trusting “The Process”?


Keith Allison

76ers at Wizards 2/25/18

David Scott, Centurion Staff

The Philadelphia 76ers are off to a white hot start this season, soaring to the top of the Eastern Conference throughout their first 21 games.

They are 2.5 games ahead of both the Milwaukee Bucks in second, and the Brooklyn Nets in third. These teams are heavily favored by most NBA “analysts” to make it out of the east over the 76ers.

With the newly formed “super team” in Brooklyn and the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo putting up freakish numbers, it’s going to be hard to see Philadelphia make it to the finals this year.

So, let’s talk about why they are where they are right now, the top. Joel Hans Embiid, the Process, the MVP? Probably not, but Jojo is shooting a career high 40 percent from behind the three-point line. This is on about three attempts per game.

This shooting streak has been one of many factors that have helped to unlock his elite post play as of late. Let’s not forget, last year around this time Joel was getting his name thrown around in the MVP conversation, could this be his year?

Again, probably not. As much as we all want a dominant Hakeem-esque Embiid, his injuries always seem to cool him off. The real question that should be asked is how much longer until Jojo lands wrong and we’re “processing” again.

But, if for some reason the stars align in a way akin to Moses parting the red sea and we see a healthy Joel all year, there is something to say for this Sixers team.

Daryl Morey, winner of NBA Executive of the year in 2018, taking over as president of basketball operations this year has been one of the best things to happen to this team in recent memory. The firing of Brett Brown, and more importantly the hiring of Doc Rivers, have helped breathe some sense of life into ballclub. Along with the pickup of Seth Curry, who as of right now is shooting better (50 percent) from behind the arc than his more famous brother.

So, what is the ceiling of this team when healthy according to the local fans?

Riley Wegner, 18, said, “The ceiling is definitely the conference finals, Embiid and Simmons can’t beat Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. Two of these guys are former MVPs.”

However, New Jersey basketball phenom, Kyle Ratner, 18, thinks different. “I think the ceiling for the Sixers this year is a championship, they are definitely built for the post season now, with strong three-point shooting, along with great perimeter defense to slow down some of the great shooting teams that are in the league.”

What can we expect from the Sixers this season? It really is too early to tell, but If Joel can stay healthy the NBA finals might not be as out of the question as some may think.