NFL Prospects: Top 3 Underrated

Michael Tarapchak

When reading and watching film on CFB “College Football” players, you see the gems and the busts. It’s definitely hard to call someone a bust based on never playing, but there are definitely players who are being projected too high for their value evidently labeling them as overrated.

You see guys who were gems like Tampa QB Tom Brady, Colts LB Darius Leonard, and Denver RB Terrell Davis. But, with that you also get guys who haven’t really worked out like Dolphins T Isiah Wilson, Chargers QB Ryan Leaf, and Patriots WR N’keal Harry.

Long time sports fan Mike Vogel, 42, described his favorite underrated prospect that’s been drafted.

“Well of course I’m gonna go with an easy one but it’s gotta be Antonio Brown,” said Vogel. “Nobody knew of Brown in that year’s draft, and certainly nobody thought he was going to be such a dominant player.”

In this year’s draft we can’t tell if there’s going to be anyone even close to what Antiono Brown is, but we do believe there’s some underrated prospects that aren’t getting even hype.

Asante Samuel Jr. ‘CB’ is definitely one of these underrated guys. Samuel has the frame and technique to be a boundary corner as well as a slot corner. He’s one of those guys who can kind of do it all, although other prospects in his position group are shadowing over him. Samuel is projected to be a mid-second round pick.

Charles Snowden ‘LB’ – if you want a guy that’ll basically break every measurement for his position, look no further. Snowden is a 6’6 linebacker with 4.51 speed. He’s easily one of the most gifted athletic players we’ve seen in a while. He’s technically a very raw player, but if you give him the right coaching staff, you could have found that steal of the draft. Snowden is projected to be an early fourth round pick.

Javonte Williams ‘RB’ – shifty and powerful Williams can and will be a starter for almost every team. With guys like Najee Harris and Travis Etienne in the class, it’s hard to rank higher than them. But Williams’ skill set speaks for itself, he is a fearless runner who almost looks for contact. He has great breakaway speed and balance, he’s somewhat of a raw athlete but can definitely play like the top player for his position. Williams is projected to be an early to mid-second round pick.

When describing a running back like Williams to a fan, Peter Bishop, said, “Man I wish my team (Dolphins) would take a guy like that. It’s hard to find good talent outside of the first round, but when you do it can be a great boost to your team and a guy like Williams sounds like someone teams should target.”

When speaking about the potential with Asante Samuel Jr., Jake Daldonate, 21, said, “After what his dad did in the NFL, I’m sure he’ll be just as good if not better.”

Asante Samuel was an All-Pro Cornerback in the NFL. Samuel Jr. will have some big shoes to fill.

With all the speculation around draft day with COVID-19 being a factor, there can be a lot of guys falling in the draft. This could result in a lot of late round gems for teams. This upcoming draft might be one of the most interesting yet.