NFL Prospects Top 3 Quarterbacks

Michael Tarapchak

When was the last time you saw five top elite quarterback prospects in a single draft? Well, this might be the first time ever.

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson, is easily one of the best prospects we’ve seen since Andrew Luck declared. Lawrence possesses elite arm talent and decision making. Not only that, he’s an athlete and can even be effective as a runner. With his unique skill set, he may be a top 10 NFL quarterback as a rookie, which is extremely rare.

In regards to Lawrence, Rishi Patel, 20, a student at Penn State University said, “I see a smart, instinctive player, someone who can help a team go from bottom tier to mid-tier as a rookie. Although, even the best prospects have a chance to flop. I don’t see how this happens with Lawrence. He’s one of those game changers.”

Zach Wilson, BYU, is a flashy playmaker. He seemingly makes plays out of nothing, avoiding sacks, and throwing 60-yard bombs off his backfoot. Nobody really knew who he was until he broke out, in a similar style as Joe Burrow last year.

In regards to Wilson, Frank Schoepfer, 20, a student at Penn State University said, “Although he could be labeled as a one-year wonder, sometimes that’s all you really need to see a guy’s talent. The throws that Wilson can make reminds me of another quarterback with the same last name, Russell Wilson.”

Justin Fields, Ohio State… one word that comes to mind is “accuracy,” which just so happens to be the most important trait for a quarterback. He easily has the best overall accuracy of any prospect in the draft this year.

In regards to Fields, we asked Luke Sisco, 21, a student at Kutztown University said, “Fields should be the third quarterback off the board to the 49ers, the chatting up them passing up on him is just insane. Fields has all the intangibles to be a franchise quarterback and maybe even a top 10 quarterback his rookie season.”

Although this list is the top three quarterbacks, it can really be viewed as a list in no particular order. Each quarterback is unique and will change a team’s future.

In the draft we don’t always see, players of this caliber came out in the same year. If you need a quarterback, this is the draft to get one.