Ben Simmons’ Summer Saga


Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Mitchel Wilbur

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia
76ers remain in a stalemate,
with no changes to the situation
since the ending of last season
where Simmons passed up a
game-winning dunk that ultimately
eliminated the sixers from the
Simmons wants out of Philadelphia,
and the 76ers are willing
to execute a trade that would ship
out the 25-year-old All-Star but
only if the return yields a high
value player or multiple firstround
Simmons signed a $170 million
max contract in 2019 that has
him locked in with Philadelphia
through the 2024-2025 campaign.
Therefore, the Australian-born
point guard has four more seasons
left on his contract.
Simmons informed the 76ers
heading into training camp for
this upcoming season that he will
not show up if he is not traded.
According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst
the Sixers can fine Simmons
significantly for skipping camp.
Once he did make it to practice,
he was kicked out by coach Doc
Rivers for being a “distraction” to
the team.
The minor altercation happened
when Rivers asked Simmons to
join a defensive drill. Simmons
refused. Rivers asked again. Simmons
said no again.
Rivers then told Simmons to go
home, and Simmons dropped the
ball and left according to Shams
Charania of The Atlantic.
Getting tossed from practice
resulted in a one game suspension
which happened to be the opening
game, a game which Simmons
intended to miss anyway.
The Sixers are not taking
Simmons’ lack of dedication to
the team lightley. The team has
placed 25 percent of Simmons’
salary in an escrow account —
roughly $8.25 million. For each
game missed, the Sixers plan
to deduct 1 percent from the
account. That’s about $360,000
per game.
The fans have not been taking
this whole fiasco lightly either
as a lot headed to social media
to express their frustration and
disappointment. Some fans even
began a sarcastic “Where is Simmons”
chant at recent games.
Nicholas Cosenza, 18, a business
major at Bucks gave his
opinion on the situation. “If he
doesn’t want to be here then he
should leave,” said the Southampton
resident. “He needs to show
he has value though if he wants to
get traded.”
“He’s too lazy to even work on
his jump shot, how does he expect
another team to want him?”
Nicholas added. “As a coach I
wouldn’t want a player on my
team that doesn’t want to be there,
so it’s time for him to go.”
Another Bucks student and
76ers fan, Shannon Mertz, 18,
from Warminster gave her opinion
as well. “I really don’t like seeing
the lack of motivation from someone
with such talent,” she said.
“Not many people in this world
have the ability to do what Simmons
can do and he is wasting it.”
Sixers fans, along with the rest
of the league, are waiting to see
what the outcome will be and how
this drama between Siimmons and
the front office will play out.
Unless a team comes to the
Sixers with a significant offer or
super star player Damian Lillard
requests a trade out of Portland, it
seems highly likely that Simmons
will remain on the roster.