Softball Team Goes Through Changes This Season


Photo courtesy Bucks website

Tyler Pagano

Softball season has officially started at Bucks, and even though we are now a club team and lost our first match, this is what you must look forward to this season.

The softball season has just started yet the team has already dealt with many struggles. But the team is prevailing and becoming stronger because of it.

One of the main struggles that the team has been going through is the transition to a club team this year. When I interviewed the coach of the team Meagan Finnerty, she had this to say about the transition.

“Because we switched to a club team there are no playoffs, and we still have no set schedule, but we are picking up games as they come. We are playing TCNJ, Arcadia, and Delval.”

Because of this uncertain schedule there is the chance that our softball team will get to play more games against schools like those. When I asked coach Finnerty what game she is most looking forward to this she mentioned the game at Rider University.

She said, “I am most looking forward to the game at Rider, because both Dana Sensi, the assistant coach and I played at Rider, and we are looking forward to returning there.”

Not having a set schedule is not the only struggle they have faced so far. Another one of the softball teams struggles was a loss in the opening game. When I asked coach Finnerty about the loss she had this to say.

“We can win games. We have a talented team, but we were down a player and players were not playing their correct positions. It has also hurt that we did not start till January and had to get the girls together quickly as we did not have a fall season.”

However, even with all these struggles there are still many promising things to look forward to this season. When I asked Coach Finnerty about what she was looking forward to this season she talked about the girls on the team.

She said “The team has good chemistry and good utility players, with the standouts being Riley Worthington who is the team’s pitcher, and Maddilyn Hower the team’s shortstop. I am also excited about our catcher Jules Winglet.”

She went on to say that these girls are all outstanding utility players, who can be put at any position and still make outstanding contributions for the team. She believes that this team will have a lot of success this year.

When asked where she believes the team will end the season at record wise coach Finnerty had this to say. “I think that we will be able to win a good number of games. After the girls not being able to play for two seasons, they are still a little rusty. However, it is just like riding a bike and she believes they will be able to shake off the rust fast.”

Due to no Fall season the team is still looking for new players. Because of this coach Finnerty said that anyone who wants to is encouraged to come and try out for the team.