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Bucks Men’s Soccer Off To A Great Start

Photo courtesy of Bucks Men’s soccer

With an above average start to the season the Centurion Men’s Soccer Team is getting ready to keep their 3-game win streak rolling and hoping leave their next opponent in the dust. Despite the first game lose to Rowan College and one game getting postponed and another getting cancelled, the Centurions have bounced back in a major way winning the next 3 games.

Led by head coach Justin Burroughs accompanied by assistant coaches Kevin Fagan and Jose Torres the Centurions are looking dangerous. Despite the .500 record last season there has obviously been some changes. With a 3-1 start to the season in their new league and their last win being by a massive 5 goal difference over Williamson, there is no doubt this team is built for the postseason.

The Centurions are shooting 15 more shots per game and scoring 3.5 more goals per game than last season.

When Coach Burroughs was asked about what improvements have been made from last season to this season he responded with, “We had more time to develop and got some additional guys.”

Major improvements were made between this season and last season by existing players while new players are already making an impact.

Sophomore forward Jaden Haig is already sitting on a 67% shot percentage with 4 goals under his belt this season.

New players making an impact are teammates like Freshman forward Patrick McHenry with a 75% shot on goal percentage and a game winning goal last week vs Cumberland.

Freshman goalkeeper Shaheer Salam is 3 for 3 in shots saved with 100% save percentage.

These three young men are leading the team off to a hot start of the season and are looking more dangerous than ever.

Their next opponent will be at Montgomery County Community College on September 22th, with the Centurions looking to pick up their fourth straight win.

Sophomore James Gallager, a student at bucks, is an amateur soccer fan and is, “Looking forward to what this team has to offer.” Gallager isn’t the only student that’s excited for this season, everybody on campus is buzzing about this very talented team.

With all the love and support of the school, the Centurions are really showing what they’re made of this year.