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76ers Are Looking Sharp at Mid-Season

Courtesy of Unsplash

The Sixers are sitting in second in the Eastern Conference standings and looking like a formidable opponent going into the playoffs, considering they are nine and one over the last 10 games.

The Sixers’ record is 32 and 16, and two and a half games back on the Celtics, who have always been a thorn in the Sixers side. Abdur, a business major from Langhorne, believes that “The Sixers are going to win the division.” The Sixers also happen to be in the same Division as the Celtics.

The team is doing well, as they have won 7 straight games and Joel Embiid is playing amazingly, averaging 33.8 points, a career-high according to Abdur also said, “Joel is the MVP and should have been the MVP last year.”

The Sixers have been in this position atop the Eastern conference for the past year, yet one thing that feels different is they have an identity and a collective goal. They know Joel is the leader and James Harden is like an extra conductor of the offense for when Joel’s shot isn’t  falling.

Harden knows how to play late in games and that is crucial for closing games in playoffs. Last year the Sixers did not have that from Harden, but he must be the guy who can take any shot at any spot to close a game out.

Harden is not the only guy on the team who can take any shot Tyrese Maxey has shown he wants and can take any shot this year. His three-point attempts have gone from 4.1 a game last year to 6.4 attempts a game according to

Since Stephen Curry and the Warriors took the league by storm, it has become even more important to shoot the three pointers. Right now, they are fourth in three-point percentage, shooting at 38.5 percent, behind only Denver, Brooklyn, and Phoenix, according to

When the team was missing Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and James Harden, the benched players showed up to keep the Sixers afloat. Many fans going into the year thought Sixers coach Doc Rivers should have been fired, but getting the benched players to put their all into playing may have saved his job.

Going into the playoffs, the Sixers will need all their stars to compete with teams like the Celtics and the Bucks. BCCC student Max said “If there are no injuries, they will be able to compete, and they will be great.”

Sam Hinkie in 2013 took control of the general manager position and coined the term “Trust the Process”, which meant winning an NBA Finals. But after ten years and still no championship win, Joel Embiid is the only real piece from “Trust the process.” However, if they win a championship, Sixers fans can say it was worth trusting the process.

Youanes, a Criminal Justice Major from Fairless Hill, echoed the sentiments of Sam Hinkie and said to “Trust the Process.” And he also said this team is “Very clutch.” The Sixers have three guys in Embiid, Harden, or Maxey, who can be that guy at the end of the game and pull off a clutch moment as Youanes said. Many fans are hoping the “Process” comes to fruition this season.