Metro Esports Lounge Coming Soon to Newtown Campus

Brian Kartman

Get your gaming controllers and mechanical keyboards ready folks, because Metro Esports is coming to Bucks with the addition of a brand new gaming and esports lounge! 


Soon to be replacing the Solarium, this new addition will be in the Rollins Center on the Newtown campus. This will be the go-to spot for anyone looking to practice for a competitive tournament, or anyone that’s just looking to play games for fun!


According to the Metro Esports flyers around campus, BCCC will be one of the few colleges to build out their gaming and esports facility on campus, featuring a state-of-the-art Metro Esports center jam-packed with industry leading PCs, next-gen consoles, lounge space, weekly competitions, major events, esports teams, and much more! 


This relationship will bring new attention to the institution, create additional team opportunities, and bring the community together through camps and gaming competitions. 


Director of Athletics Matthew Cipriano explains how the decision to build a gaming space on campus came about, “During the pandemic, we started collaborating with Metro Esports, and hosted esports tournaments for our students, as well as other students at other schools in our conference.” 


Cipriano added, “It was a great starting point for us as a department to see the potential and also the challenges. We were collaborating with local colleges like Montgomery County Community College at that time, and that relationship allowed us to explain how a team could be organized, as well as the types of equipment and costs that were involved with a startup.”


BCCC is throwing its name in the hat that is Collegiate Esports, but what about those who aren’t interested in the more competitive aspect and player-versus-player action? Not to worry, says Cipriano, “The facility will host a variety of gaming interests. From the casual gamer, to someone who wants to compete among friends in a more intramural setting, to even the collegiate team level competitor. “


Want to get involved in more than just spectating the big matches? Well, you’re in luck! Metro is launching a robust internship program for students in both high school and college! Available internship positions include Business and Event interns, Marketing and Social Media interns, a coding assistant, a graphic designer and video editor.


You can find more information about Metro Esports’ plans on the athletics department website.