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Fitness Facility Reshapes Athletes of all Ages and Sports


A little across the Delaware River in New Jersey, there is a place that helps build and shape athletes of various sports at any level. There have been multiple professional prospects from multiple different teams, one being the Yankees training there to the 12-year-olds learning the game.

This training site is the Athletic Republic — a workout facility with great instructors who are there to give workout tips and plans. The man who runs the business is named Christian Lee who is all about making opportunities for those looking to better themselves.

Lee was dressed in sweatpants and a pitchers-only sweatshirt (a baseball company run at the same facility) with a backward baseball hat. He stated what you get off the training is a “piece of us and coaching.” The space is about gaining abilities and also having friendly connections.

Lee and his business partner opened the Athletic Republic in 2007 which was a risk in his own words but not the only time in his life where there was risk taken. His parents came over from South Korea when he was in the seventh grade which at first was a drastic move and very risky, but Lee has made it out as a successful businessman. Lee said, “I’m good with chaos.”

When coming to America he and his family grew up in Marlton, New Jersey. He remembers what made him interested in baseball and that was having catches with his dad and friends. Now he has three children of his own and said, “I enjoy spending my free time with my kids.”

In the eighth grade, Lee tried out for the school baseball team and made it for the first time playing he said, “I closed my eyes and hit a home run.” He learned from his parents to work hard, and better opportunities will emerge.

Some people are good with repeating daily tasks at work, but Lee on the other hand is always looking for the next project to break up the repetitive nature that work calls for. Lee said, “It’s a fun job that never ends.”

Baseball is their key demographic. They offer 30-minute and hour training for baseball and softball at $50 or $90. You will get insight from previous college baseball players who have dedicated hours on end to better themselves at the sport.

They are known for baseball but have also helped many other athletes, like wrestlers and soccer players. Even an alternative form of baseball known as finished baseball, which is played in European countries.

They also specialize in golf, they have two golf simulator rooms that help track the swing statistics. There are a variety of options to pick. There is an anytime single-use option for 30 minutes, an hour and two hours priced at $35, $65 and $100. You could also buy a ten-pack of 30-minute and an-hour simulator uses or a simulator membership for $100 a month.

The golf experience doesn’t end there as you can also develop your skills with an instructor in private golf lessons. The same as the previous sessions except for the two-hour session, the 30-minute option is $55, and the hour is $100 and you can buy a five-pack of 30-minute or hour-long lessons. They also have a 4D motion golf assessment for an hour will cost $150. You can fine-tune your swing to become an actual golfer.

They also have helped people just become physically more active people. The Athletic Republic also offers training to people past their childhood sports admirations. They offer a 5-session pack, 10-session pack and 20-session pack priced at $250, $450 and $850.

You could also choose instead a weekly session one a week, two a week, three a week or unlimited sessions at $199, $299, $399 and $499 a month. They also have a nutrition program at $99 a month and a movement assessment which is $125.

This business was established by Lee and his business partner when he was 25/26 years old and was a risk. He wanted to take this chance not because of someone else telling him what a smart move is but through his parents working hard and always being around chaos.

Lee previously worked as a manager at a gym when his business partner decided to go on their own, he took out a loan but had no real plans with the loan at first. However, they might not have had a set plan, but clients joined and took the risk with them.

The business has gone from a raw prospect to a star player as its true intentions are to better yourself. Lee said, “We are here for anyone who wants to get better.” The people at the company have strong relationships with clients and strive to see the best for its students.

Lee knows how special sports are to kids as he played them himself, but he sees it as an adult now through his kids. He said, “Some kids are not given opportunities and that’s what we are here for to develop kids to have opportunities in their sporting ventures.”

When Lee calls it a day and retires he has a plan in place for the succors. He said when he is done, he would like some of the trainers to take over as he sees them ready and hungry to grow the business further.