Bucks gets ready for halloween


Oct. 31 is a day filled with
spooky ghosts, fantastical creatures,
and scary stories. Most
people can remember being a
kid and walking from house to
house, collecting candy with
family and friends, ultimately
dumping the pile of treats and
trading for the best ones. But
what do students at Bucks plan
on doing for Halloween this
Erica Minton, 18, a fine arts
major from Levittown does not
want to miss out on the opportunity
for free candy, she plans
to go trick-or-treating this year.
“I will probably wear a mask
so when I go trick-or-treating,
people do not know how old I
am, I will just pretend I am 12”
Minton said. Last year, Minton
dressed up as actor and comedian,
Bill Cosby.
Another big Halloween event
is the haunted hayride or
haunted house. Brittany
Hoffan, 18, a liberal arts major
from Levittown plans on being
in a haunted house on
Halloween, though she is not
sure which one yet.
Most students at Bucks will
be celebrating the holiday by
going to various parties.
Shaina Shleifer, 18, a fine arts
major from Trevose said “I am
thinking about dressing up as
someone from Harry Potter in
spirit of the last movie being
released. I might go to a party
or have a horror movie
Sean Preston, 19, a liberal
arts major from Washington
Crossing said “I will most likely
go up to Indiana University
of Pennsylvania to visit some
friends and party. I might dress
up; it depends on how much
money I have and what my
friends are doing.
Catherine McNicholas, 18, a
liberal arts major from Jamison
also plans on partying
Halloween weekend. “I am
going to Bloomsburg College
to visit friends and probably go
to a party. I do not know if I am
dressing up though”
McNicholas said. When asked
what Mcnicholas was last year
she said simply, “a cow girl.”
“I will probably just be chilling,”
said Allen Markowitz,
19, an education major from
Holland. “I am going to a party
on Oct. 30 and after that just
chilling with friends. Probably
shoot some pool” Markowitz
said. Markowitz has not decided
if he is going to dress up this
year or not.
Stefani Morel, 17, a nursing
major from Yardley said she
was not sure what she would
be doing for Halloween. “I
think I might go to one of my
friend’s parties. Probably in
Philadelphia, my friend has a
house there” Morel said. Morel
plans on dressing up as
Cleopatra this year, “I love
Egypt and I just think it would
be really fun to dress up like
her” Morel said.
What is left for people to do
if not trick-or-treating, going
on a haunted hayride, visiting a
haunted house, or partying?
“Well, someone’s got to hand
out the candy,” said Mike
Austin, 18, a graphic design
major from Levittown. Austin
plans on staying home
Halloween night and handing
out candy to the many trick-ortreaters
in his neighborhood.
“I might dress up, I do not
know yet. It is usually pretty
spontaneous. I see something
and just throw it on” Austin
Caitlin Baeder, 18, a liberal
arts major from Levittown is
also planning on staying in and
handing out candy.
This Halloween, which will
be falling on a Sunday, can
expect to be filled with scary
monsters and historic figures,
parties, anything haunted, and
of course, candy.
No matter what your plans
on, remember to be safe, fun,
and happy Halloween.